Making Waves in Paris: EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Beachwaver Inventor Sarah Potempa

Making Waves in Paris: EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Beachwaver Inventor Sarah Potempa

We ask the curly questions.

By Annabelle Beirne | 24th January 2017

We’ve discovered the secret behind Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s luscious locks on the Victoria’s Secret runway. Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver is a rotating curling iron that creates the perfect beach waves. We sat down with Sarah to talk about the inspiration behind the life-changing product.

Q: When did you realise that hair styling was your passion?
A: Ever since I was little, I loved styling my sister's hair. We would do makeovers and take photos. From that moment, my dream was to style hair for fashion and magazine covers.

Q: What did you love most about the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?
A: There are so many things I loved about the show. It's incredible to see everyone's hard work come together to put on such an iconic show. Having it in Paris this year made it very special. Everything felt glamorous, from the hair to the outfits and even the breathtaking venue. Behind the scenes, it was also fun to see the models’ reactions to the Beachwaver! They couldn't believe how easy it is to use, and some of them said they use it on themselves at home!

Q: When did the initial idea behind the Beachwaver arise?
A: I was on the phone with a beauty editor describing how to get red carpet looks at home. I explained to the editor that in order to get the look, you had to hold the curling iron upside down and wrap the
hair backwards. She said it was too confusing to write that and it sounded difficult to do on your own hair. As soon as we hung up the phone, I sat  down and sketched out the idea for the Beachwaver, a curling iron that could be held upright, allowing you to curl both sides of your head without the strain of holding the iron upside down. I saw a need for a curling iron that would allow all women to curl their hair just by pressing a button!

Q: What sets the Beachwaver apart from other products?
A: The Beachwaver is a modern high-quality tool with 350 custom parts and computer boards that control the digital temperature setting, dual rotation, and speed. It has a ceramic barrel, which helps protect the hair when styling. The Pro also has an extended length barrel and custom heaters that extend throughout the entire barrel, which ensures even heat distribution throughout the hair.

Q: What are your tips for creating the perfect beach curls when using the Beachwaver?
A: It's so easy to get perfect curls with the Beachwaver because it does most of the work for you! You just select L (left) or R (right) depending on the side you are curling. Divide the hair into clean sections from the bottom up with the Darby Clips. Take about an inch section and clamp the hair leaving some of the ends out. The clamp should always face toward you.

Once it is clamped, hold the iron vertical and press "GO" to start the rotation, and release to stop the rotation. You control it! Continue up the one side and then switch to the other side. Make sure to select the L or R for which side you are working on. Allow the curls to cool before you run your fingers through or brush to soften.

Q: What is the major mistake that most people make when curling their hair?
A: The biggest mistake people make is not letting their curls cool before brushing them out or running their fingers through them. Letting the curls cool ensures that they will lock in the wave pattern and hold longer!

Q: How do you recommend styling hair to endure humidity?
A: It's important to use a curling iron with a ceramic rod like the Beachwaver Pro, to protect and smooth the hair when you curl. I like to apply a heat protectant spray before using any hot tools. For the final look, spray an anti-humidity hairspray on the On Set Styling Brush and then brush over the hair. A water-based crème is a great product to keep in your bag and use throughout the day to tame any unwanted frizz.

Q: What hairstyle do you suggest for a night out with the girls on a hot and steamy evening?
A: Beachwaved textured ponytail is a fun look on a hot night. Start by curling your hair with the Beachwaver Pro. Allow the curls to cool and then add a texture spray and break up with your fingers. Then brush it up into a ponytail. Wrap a small piece of hair around to hide the ponytail and pin it into place with a bobby pin!

Q: How can we achieve the sought-after beach braid with ease?
A: Experiment with different types of braids! I like to come up with braid mantras for the different styles I'm doing. Once you master the basics of the braid, you will be surprised at how easy they are! For example, a five-strand braid you divide into five pieces. Start with piece on the outside on one side and do over, under, middle. Then the other side over, under, middle. Continue alternating sides! One of my favorite tips is to pancake then braid once you're finished. To do so, loosely tug at the edges of the braid to add instant texture and volume!

Q: What essentials do you pack to look after your locks on a weekend getaway?
A: I always bring a flexible hair spray, volumising mousse and my Beachwaver Pro!


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Article by Annabelle Beirne

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