How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

And no, you don't need to drink through straws and spend hundreds of dollars on product.

By Ruth De Luchi | 10th August 2016

The moment Kylie Jenner stepped onto the scene with ’90s-inspired lipstick applied to her oh-so plump lips, we forgot all about our gloss and tinted balms and said hello to our new best friend: lipstick.

The most important question around this topic is not whether Kylie’s lips are real (it’s just “lipliner”, right?). What we REALLY want to know is how you make your lipstick last ALL day and have it still look perfect… without getting lip injections. We don’t all have $400+ sitting around, right?

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

The following tips will not only make your lipstick look good, they’ll make make your lipstick last allllll day:

1. Prep & Prime

Exfoliating your lips removes dry skin and creates a smooth surface, which means products can adhere better to your lips. Exfoliating also promotes circulation, which gives your lips a fresh, plump appearance. Lush Cosmetics lip scrubs are prefect for this step and umm… they are also edible! My personal favourite is Mint Julips! YUM!

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Before applying lipstick, priming the surface of your lips is another key step. Priming fills in any fine lines/cracks on the lips, creating a smoother base for lipstick application.

This step can be tricky as some lip primers or balms create a slippery surface, which makes the whole process more difficult. EOS lip balm works really well as a primer; the application is very thin, which enables you to apply the lipstick on top with ease!


2. Lipliner

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Lipliner is an important part of making your lipstick look perfect. A lot of people think they don’t need lipliner or that it doesn’t really make a difference. I think those people either haven’t tried quality lipliner or they haven’t used it properly? “Quality” doesn’t necessarily mean “high-end”. In fact, my two favourite lipliner brands are Face of Australia and Rimmel London, and they’re both very affordable! Your lipliner should be creamy so your application is smooth, not pulling or dragging the skin on your lips while trying to apply the product.

Tip for application: start in the centre of your top lip (Cupid’s bow) and work your way outwards with small strokes. Do the same for the bottom lip, starting in the middle. Apply slightly outside your lip line for thicker-looking lips.

3. The perfect shade and texture

This Bobbi Brown tip has stuck with me for years: lipstick colours one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour are the most flattering. They are also mistake-proof. If you purchase a lipstick with this in mind, you can’t go wrong.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Now, let’s talk about texture. First, you need to consider what look you’re going for. The best texture for long-wear is matte lipstick; however, it can often make your lips look cracked and dry by the end of the day and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid, right? Unfortunately, it’s all about trial and error. Personally, I love M.A.C lipsticks in a satin texture (semi-matte). This texture is long-wearing and has just enough moisture to keep your lips looking fresh all day!

4. Application makes perfect

Apply your lipstick from the tube first, and then use a firm lip brush to line around your lips. This will make your application neat and precise.

I’ll warn you right now that it’s difficult to find a lip brush firm enough to achieve a precise application without the bristles bring too soft and smudging the lipstick out of your lip line. Search for a small, firm-bristled brush. I’ve been using my Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush as a lip brush for ages and it’s utter perfection!

5.  Whiten your teeth

This tip is obviously more focused on making your lipstick look better rather than making it stay! Brighter, whiter teeth can enhance your lip shade and give you the confidence to experiment with new colours. Professional whitening can be costly, but the results can be amazing. Another option is to use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. I use the Colgate Optic White and I have definitely noticed a difference in the overall brightness of my teeth.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

If you don’t want to whiten your teeth and they are moderately discoloured, opt for colours that are close to your natural lip colour or mid-range pinks. M.A.C’s Twig lipstick would be perfect!


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Article by Ruth De Luchi

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