Winter is cruising it’s way into our lives and as thrilled as we are about cosy evenings in bed (Netflix is bae) and the annual winter-wardrobe-overhaul (I see you, ASOS), it can feel like a real drag when you can’t for the life of you get a decent suntan. That’s where fake tanner comes in hand (literally, tanning application mitts are a must) to ensure a healthy, warm glow without risking the cold weather and suntan-associated health risks. Fake tan application is a skill, nay, an art form. To avoid fake tan faux pas like streaky skin and rough patches, we get expert assistance from Kate Morris, CEO and founder of Adore Beauty, Australia’s leading online shopping destination for beauty and cosmetics.

If you’re unwilling to give up your year-round golden glow, then read on for our top-tips on how to master fake tan application.

Select Your Tan Wisely

Choosing the correct type of fake tan is naturally the first step. Lotions are great for dry skin due to their hydrating qualities and deep glow, whilst sprays and better for emulating a salon-fresh finish. Newbies might want to stay with mousse, which are easy to use and quick drying.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Whatever you do, do not skip this step. Exfoliating your skin removes it of dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells, creating the perfect canvas for a smooth, even application. Use wet washcloth or exfoliating gloves with a sugar or salt based scrub, massaging the skin in circular motions.

Moisturise That Bod

Following exfoliation, it’s always important to moisturise your skin, paying careful attention to dryer areas, such as elbows and knees. Make sure to use oil and fragrance free moisturise and allow plenty of time for the moisturiser to be absorbed fully before you being applying the tanner.

Handle With Care

Keep your hands fresh and streak-free by using a mitt, latex glove, and either an amazing friend or brush to reach hard-to-get areas. When tanning hands, mix the tanner with some moisturiser for an easy application. If you do get any on your hand, wash them immediately to get rid of any orange marks.

Down Your Dry-Time

Need to speed up your dry-time? Set your hairdryer to a cool setting and fan it across your body to help your tan set quicker and get you out to girls night sooner!

Fix Those Faux Pas

We all make mistakes. Streaky skin, patchy hands – all common errors. Fix them with a curdled milk mask of lemon and milk. Apply to blotchy areas to minimised any fake tan faux pas.

Maintain Your Glow

With all the effort you’ve put into your tan, you want it to last as long as possible. Take diligent care of your skin by avoiding hot baths and showers (yep, even in winter!), moisturising daily, and applying top-ups as it beings to fade.

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