Celebrities can afford just about any exorbitantly priced, over-hyped, ineffective beauty product on the market.

Kimmy K splurges an outrageous $21,600 on a vampire facial, Madonna tours with an oxygen facialist and Eva Longoria loves applying placenta protein cream – no thanks!

But unlike these celebs, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Claire Danes and Kate Bosworth don’t follow fads or take drastic measures. They use what works, and the best bit – we can too!

Even us mere mortals can afford the range of products gracing the shopping lists of Hollywood’s hottest.

It’s Cetaphil.

Yep – you read right.

The inexpensive Australian dermatologist recommended product available on the shelf at your local Woolies. And hey – if they love the fragrance free, non-comedogenic and gentle attributes of Cetaphil, despite a colossal bank account (and plenty of freebies), then it must be good!

Cetaphil has a reputable following of gorgeous clear-skinned A-Listers, but this is not the reason Cetaphil has been an everyday beauty staple of many Australian girls for over 30 years.

And, aside from the long list of devoted celebrities, Cetaphil is more importantly recommended and praised by Australian dermatologists.

It cleans and clears your skin without irritation. Leaving your skin feeling neither dry nor oily, Cetaphil caters to most skin types and prides itself on the gentleness of its products. Among the various levels of cleansers are also a range of moisturizing lotions and creams.

Growing up, sadly but truly the major concern of most teenage girls (and a continuing concern for mature women) is the clarity of their skin. The major issue surrounding acne and pimples isn’t so much the physical effect on the skin but how it impacts you emotionally.

I was one of few people resented, boasting clear skin the entirety of my high-school years. Typically, life bites you on the bum (or face) and overnight I broke out erratically. Having highly sensitive skin it was almost impossible for me to find a skincare range that didn’t irritate, dry out or leave burning sensations on my skin. And moisturiser (along with the mirror) was certainly my worst enemy.

Word of mouth led me to try Cetaphil. It didn’t look like much. I picked it up from Woolworths. But at this point I was desperate and decided I would give anything a go. Much to my astonishment, everyday use of Cetaphil saw my sensitive red skin clear up and heal. I could finally use a moisturizer and not break out at the sight of the bottle (Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion). What started as a recovery regime for my skin transformed into an everyday routine to maintain healthy glowing skin.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Diane Kruger, Charlize Theron or Ashley Tisdale!