I Tried The Latest Fat-Blasting Technology To Try And Get Rid Of My Double Chin

I Tried The Latest Fat-Blasting Technology To Try And Get Rid Of My Double Chin

Double chin, be gone!

By Tamika McInneny | 26th April 2018

As far as insecurities go, my double chin has always been up there as one of my biggest. And while I’m aware of the causes – genetics, diet, age, posture, and have done all the exercises recommended to help get rid of my double chin that makes an appearance in every one of my selfies.

So, you can imagine my relief when one of my colleagues told me about a relatively new technology designed specifically to reduce the unwanted layer of fat that leads to a double chin.

An attachment to the already-popular SculpSure technology, Submental has been designed to treat those clients who are conscious of their double chins or are looking for a bit of contouring around their jawline. Using light-based technology to safely heat and destroy fat under the skin, this treatment complements the platform’s other indications including the abdomen, flanks, back and inner and outer thighs.

As the first provider of Sculpsure’s Submental treatment in Queensland, we caught up with the team at Perfectly Smooth to get the lowdown on the latest fat-blasting technology.

Perfectly Smooth

How long have you had Submental at Perfectly Smooth?

We have had Submental since December 2017, we are the first & only clinic in Queensland to have the Submental (double chin) treatment.

What is Sculpsure and how do you think it benefits your business?

Sculpsure is a laser machine that permanently kills adipose tissue (fat cells) it kills up to 24% in a single treatment.  It is designed to treat spot areas that cannot be shifted through exercise.  Another benefit is that it tightens the skin in the treated area.

What are some of the reasons clients choose to try Sculpsure?

If the client is looking at removing unwanted areas of fat that won’t move no matter how much exercise and dieting they do, but is not wanting to have invasive surgery, doesn’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t have the time for “down time” or time off work. Then Sculpsure is perfect.

What are some of the most popular areas that you commonly treat with Submental?

The submental treatment is for the double chin, however the treatment can be used on other body fats in which clients are wanting to remove unwanted areas of fat, like stomach, flanks, thighs and arms.

Perfectly Smooth

How many treatments do clients need to see results?

Results can be seen in as little as 1 treatment. However, we usually recommend 2 or more treatments for optimal results depending on the client’s needs.

Are there any visible side effects? down time? does it hurt?

Mild swelling can occur under the chin for some clients, but this does not occur in the body treatment. There is no down time. As it is a laser there is a component of heat and tingling sensation in the treatment but all of our clients have tolerated this with no concerns. Some of our clients feel nothing.

How long does it take to see results?

Results start to show within 6 weeks, it may take up to 12 weeks to reveal the best results.

Eager to part ways with your double chin? Try the Submental Treatment during May for only $750!

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Article by Tamika McInneny


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