Dreaming Of Long Locks? This Brisbane-Born Brand Is Our Go-To For Flawless Hair Extensions

Dreaming Of Long Locks? This Brisbane-Born Brand Is Our Go-To For Flawless Hair Extensions

Luscious hair that you can Afterpay? Sign us up!

By Gracie Clough | 14th February 2019

So, perhaps you weren’t naturally blessed with the long, luscious locks you lust over. Or, maybe you are tired of growing out that trendy lob you so badly wanted three months ago, but have come to regret. Although it might seem trivial, there is some psychology to support the idea that our mood and character is influenced by the way our hair looks. If our hair isn’t on point, our confidence can decrease. Think about it – we’ve all experienced a positive shift in mood when our mane looks fabulous. There’s nothing quite like that boost of confidence when you feel like you’ve just stepped fresh out of a shampoo advertisement.

We understand that unless you are Giselle Bündchen, you might not experience amazing hair 24/7. So, to help you achieve your dream hair every day, we’ve scouted high and low to bring you our go-to brand for absolutely flawless hair extensions from right here in Brisbane! Allow us to introduce you to Jayne Hair Extension Co.!

Jayne Hair Extension Co. is a hair extension distributor who prides themselves on selling the best quality hair extensions in the biz. Jayne Hair Extensions are created with 100% Russian Remy hair, which is ideal for creating the most natural-looking extensions. If you are new to the hair extension scene, Russian Remy hair is healthy human hair that has never been processed before (aka virgin hair). To create Russian Remy extensions, each strand of hair that is selected for the extension undergoes an intense examination to ensure that the cuticles all align with each other and remain intact. So, rest assured that you are receiving the best extensions in the biz when you choose Jayne Extension Co.! The brand also offers a wide range of different types of hair extensions including ponytails, wefts, tapes, halos and clip-ins.

Tip: we love clip-in extensions to add a little extra volume around the face!


Absolutely anyone can achieve the hair they’ve always wanted as Jayne Hair Extension Co. sell their hair extensions for both private and salon use. Plus, if you are a salon owner, Jayne will gladly build trade relationships and offer wholesale discounts to your salon. If you are wanting to purchase hair extensions for your own personal needs but don’t know where to start, Jayne is available to assist you in choosing the correct extension colours and styles. Talk about customer service! If you are a Brisbane local and would like to get your extensions fitted by a professional, you can even hit up Jayne Hair Extension Co.’s sister salon, La Bella Vita Following the purchase of your new hair extensions, Jayne is available to chat around the clock to answer any questions or queries you might have about your new locks.

It’s important to remember that hair extensions require frequent maintenance in order to keep your locks looking as fresh as they did when they were first applied. Since hair extensions shift as the hair grows, Jayne Hair Extension Co. recommends having your extensions cleansed in re-applied every six weeks in order to keep them looking their absolute best! Oh and, in case you missed it, Jayne offers customers the option of using Afterpay so that everyone can achieve their #hairgoals.

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Article by Gracie Clough

Gracie is a Journalist and beauty-devotee who drinks her weight in tea daily. She appreciates the colour peach, minimalism and spends too much time talking about anything to do with beauty. When she isn’t watching Harry Potter (for the one millionth time), she is lurking photos of baby German Shepherds or choosing a new shade of nude lipstick to purchase.


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