We Chat To The Director of Edwards And Co, Jaye Edwards, About Hair Must Haves

We Chat To The Director of Edwards And Co, Jaye Edwards, About Hair Must Haves

Say hello to great hair.

By Guest Styler | 30th August 2018

If you’re anything like us, you tend to waste your days away dreaming of luscious locks, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest trying to find the perfect ‘do for you. Put that phone away and look no further, as we’ve got the goss from Edwards and Co’s very own Jaye Edwards, about how to get the perfect locks this season.

What are your top 3 colour trends for summer 2018/19?

All about high gloss, girls!
The solid, single-toned look for brunettes is no longer. We will notice a comeback for multi-toned, bronze brunettes that have a high-gloss “glass” finish.

Lowlight, not highlight
Blondes will be wanting more texture in their colour this summer. To achieve this request lowlights, not highlights. This will give more dimension and depth – totally on-trend.

Rosé hair, don’t care!
Say hello to rose-gold hair. Celebrity influence has led to this trend and we’ll be seeing an influx of clients requesting the blonde and pink-hues blend. To achieve this statement look, hair-lovers should ask for more gold with a hint of rose.

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What are your top 3 cut trends for summer 2018/19?

Mid-length movement
While we’ve seen bobs and above-the-shoulder cuts make a comeback this year, moving into summer the mid-length chop, sitting just on the chest, will make for the perfect look. Super sexy and super versatile.

Perfectly imperfect
Say goodbye to solid base lines and scissor-sharp cuts, because our clients will be wanting softer finishes, more layering and textured ends to complement their dimensional colours.

Bangs, baby!
Fringes are here to STAY – I’m not sure they ever left. A soft and textured fringe is ideal for levelling-up anyone’s look, plus they’re so on point this season!

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What are the top 3 products we should have in our handbag for on-the-go styling?

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo
This is literally a life-saving product that delivers exactly what it promises – fresh, rebalanced hair that gives you an instant boost and that straight outta’ the salon feeling.

Kevin Murphy Pocket Size Young Again Oil
Intensely nourishing, moisturizing and nutrient-rich, this leave-in treatment has seriously soft results and is a real winner with me.

David Mallet Australian Sea Salt Spray
This will forever be one of my favourites. In my opinion, it’s the best product on the market for creating those effortless beachy-waves that I adore.

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What’s your top tip for shiny, glossy locks?

Prep your hair with Wendy Iles Finishing Serum before blow-drying, styling, and finishing with the Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine mist. Both products are incredibly moisturizing, strengthening and add so much shine!

What’s the biggest hair myth that everyone thinks is true?

Too many clients have been told it’s necessary to have unclean hair for a colour appointment – not true! Highlighting, balayage and basin services all require relatively clean hair to provide optimal results. While on-scalp lightening services only require the client’s natural oils to be present to act as a natural protectant against any possible irritation.

Whose hair would you love to get your hands on?

I know it’s cliché, but Khloe Kardashian! I adore her! While the super sleek and sharp bob she dons is amazing, I’d love to work with Khloe to achieve a look that even her sisters would envy!

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