IPL Hair Removal 101

IPL Hair Removal 101

IPL: why avoiding the quick fix will fast-track your hair loss…

By Candice Jackson | 19th May 2015

For many of us, we want the quick fix and we want it, like, yesterday… But, some things are worth a little extra effort, like when it comes to permanent hair loss.

We know that shaving and waxing is a non-permanent solution to getting rid of those prickly (or overgrown) hair follicles in time for that big event, romantic date or showing off your legs in that hot new skirt with confidence. However, if you’re sick of being reactive, you can become proactive with IPL hair removal and say goodbye to the rush shave or wax treatment (or reverting to stockings or jeans).

While IPL hair removal might not be new, there are still many misconceptions that people face when they make the move to permanent hair removal. The introduction of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal has meant a lot of salons have started offering the treatment, but how do you know if you’re choosing a safe, effective and experienced salon?

Madisons Beauty in Ascot, are specialists in beauty therapy treatments, including IPL skin rejuvenation and permanent hair reduction. They share their top three reasons for why choosing experienced technicians, externally trained by experts in the field will have you fuzz free quicker and with minimal down time.

If like many Brisbane-ites, you’re in the market for the perfect IPL hair removal treatment, but are confused by the different prices and treatments available; we’ve got some tips to help reduce the shop-around. While more economical offers maybe tempting, if your IPL settings are not specially customised to suit your skin type and hair colour, it may mean more frequent treatments, more money and more of your time in the long run.

THREE reasons why choosing IPL experts that specifically customise your IPL settings for hair removal will have you fuzz free quicker!

1. Effectiveness

IPL technology offers the most advanced and permanent hair reduction of all treatments currently on the market.  It is great at permanently destroying most of the targeted hair follicles, with very little regrowth. If permanent hair reduction is what you are after, say goodbye to shaving and waxing, as IPL is the most advanced solution on the market. Madisons Beauty are staffed with experts specialised in IPL hair removal that will be able to operate and enhance the machine’s settings for optimal and personalised effectiveness, which also reduce the amount of return treatments necessary to complete your hair reduction journey. If you are interested in more information on IPL hair removal, head to Madisons Beauty’s FAQ page.

2. Money in your pocket

Who wants to waste money on unnecessary treatments? Not us! While shopping around for IPL hair reduction treatments you may find varying price ranges, but purchasing the cheapest might actually set you further back than originally anticipated. Keep in mind a cheap find is not always a good find. You wouldn’t purchase cheap clothing and expect them to be long lasting, right? It’s the same with beauty treatments. Some IPL hair reduction treatments can be as cheap as $10, but this will generally be a quick fix that will require multiple (sometimes more than you’re anticipating) follow up sessions to achieve the results you’re after. Expert salons, like Madisons Beauty, offer complimentary consultations before your treatment to ensure you are aware of how many sessions will be required and give you the option to purchase a prepaid package of IPL sessions.

3. Specialised vs. suits all

Expert salons, like Madisons Beauty, pride themselves on their well-trained staff who are experts in their field and are able to customise treatments to each individual client. There is no one setting suits all and Madisons Beauty focuses on allowing time to set the machine to specifically suit the client and their desired results. When you treat an area more effectively, it reduces the amount of return treatments, which is a bonus for you and your bank account. Heading to Madisons Beauty, each client is provided with an escape to relax and enjoy beautiful treatments with leading friendly, professional therapists, ensuring clients want and love to come back.

Just a quick note: This post is sponsored, but we only write about things we reckon you’ll think are awesome. We’re all about sharing the love here at Style, and it’s the love from sponsors that helps make that happen. Thanks for the inspiration Madisons Beauty!

Madisons Beauty
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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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