What does it actually take to transform your brows?

What does it actually take to transform your brows?

It's time for a complete brow overhaul. But what does it take to get a whole new brow shape? Just five simple steps!

By Lou Parker | 25th February 2016

You've had your current brow shape for years now and it's time for a change. After all, your face is a totally different shape since the last time you attacked your arches and they're not exactly on-fleek anymore. But what does it actually take to be able to totally make over and reshape your brows?

Step 1: Grow, grow, grow

If you want a brow makeover, you're gonna have to brave growing those babies out. Growing out your eyebrows is a long process... if you want to do it properly, you're gonna need to let them go rogue for at least three months (although experts recommend six). After that, you’re left with Mother Nature in all her glory, which can sometimes be scary. The growing out phase can be likened to new teeth coming through: everything feels crooked and awkward in the beginning but eventually it’s worth the wait. I had a scruffy bristle of hairs at the beginning of each brow, which tapered off into a few strays – hardly the bold arch I was hoping for. To make matters worse, my blonde hair made it look like I had barely any eyebrow hair! If you’ve ever seen Photoshopped images of celebs without eyebrows, you know that’s not a look to strive for.

Tip: There ARE ways to get through the bushy brows phase without shutting yourself off from society completely. If nothing else, invest in a good eyebrow pencil and brush to help maintain while they’re running wild. And don’t neglect your brows entirely; experts can get rid of any fluff or the odd hair that’s growing too far above or below the brow line. This isn’t going to set back your growing-out process because, in the long run, these stray hairs won’t be used. (Story continues below)

Step 2: Enlist a brow whisperer

After spending months growing out the girls, you want to know they’re in good hands. So now is the time to seek professional help. I contacted Chernae Silk, owner of The Brow Bar; with her reputation as a “brow whisperer”, I had no doubt she could coax these babies back into shape.


Step 3: Visit a heavenly arch angel

Any good brow artist should be able to tweeze you back into shape. And that’s exactly what Chernae did, measuring from the inner side of my nose to the end of my eye to discover my perfect arch point. The arch point is from the bulb of the nose up across to the coloured iris of the eye, and it offers a great lift.


Step 4: Colour me happy!

One of Chernae’s mantras is that your eyebrows shouldn’t wear you. Going with a colour too dark for your complexion is a total no-no. To complement my ash-blonde hair and cool blue eyes, Chernae took me from a warm reddish-brown to a soft charcoal. The colour was custom-blended and it instantly changed my entire face.


Step 5: DIY

It’s all well and good to leave the salon feeling like a million bucks, but how on earth do you get big, bold, beautiful brows every other day of the week? Chernae let me in on a secret: all you need a good pencil, powder and brush. With a pencil or powder, trace the base of the eyebrow. Define the line of the top of the eyebrow. Position the arch by measuring from the nose of the bulb, across the face to the coloured iris of the eye. Double the thickness of what you already have at the top of the tail (arch) to the end of the eye. Feather the front lightly and you’re done!

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Article by Lou Parker

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