How to Save Money on False Lashes

How to Save Money on False Lashes

Dollar dollar bills, y’all.

By Ruth De Luchi | 9th November 2016

You’re rushing to get ready for the next in a long line of Christmas parties. Needing a beautiful fresh look, you reach for your falsies, not paying much attention to:
1. Which lashes are actually suitable
2. How much they cost

Party season is just around the corner and you NEED to be prepared so you can save money for all the gifts you’re going to buy. Here’s how to make your false lashes work for you.

Boring is Best

By “boring” I actually mean “the plainest lashes you can find on the shelf”. Don’t think for a second that the longest lashes with stuck-on diamantes are going to look tasteful on your eyes. They won’t.

Look at the lashes, and then double their thickness and length in your mind – that’s how they will look when they are on. If you love long, thick lashes then go for it but natural lashes give your makeup enough drama without looking overdone. It’s best to start off simple and work your way up if you want more volume!

Individual lashes are another great option, especially for first-time wearers. Once again, go with natural or short to medium lengths, as they are still longer than you think!


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Try then Trim

Everyone has different and unique eye shapes, so most strip lashes will need to be trimmed prior to applying to your eye. The best way to do this is by removing one from the packaging and trying it on your eye without glue. Work out how many individual lashes you will need to trim off, which is usually around five to 10, or a few clusters. Use scissors to cut the strip from the outer edge, and then cut the same amount off the second one.

Tools of the Trade

Applying false lashes is daunting… one wrong move and you’ve ruined your entire eye look! The most important tool needed is lash glue. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT – use the little tube of glue that comes in a packet of false lashes. It is not worth your time and will ruin you.

Good quality glue is everything, and by good quality I mean DUO Adhesive. DUO Adhesive glue comes in a white/clear or dark formula. The clear formula is suitable when you are not using liquid eyeliner or if you are rocking a natural eye look. That way the glue dries clear and you cannot notice it. The dark formula is suitable when you are wearing a smokey eye look or if you love using liquid eyeliner along with your lashes.

Another necessary tool is tweezers. Tweezerman has some suitable ones with a flat edge, which is important when you’re working that close to your eye! Scissors are also essential for trimming the lashes to size, and any scissors will do just fine.

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The Art of Application

With regard to application, here are my top tips:
1. Remove the lashes from the packaging with your thumb by pressing down on the strip lashes and moving them away from the sticky edge of the packaging. This way you are not pulling or tugging the lashes and ruining the shape.
2. Try on one eye and trim both to size.
3. Put a small amount of glue on the top of your lash packaging, and then use a cotton tip to apply the glue to the strip. You need the glue to be slightly tacky so it sticks to your eye straight away, hence placing it on your lash packaging first. You can alternatively apply the glue straight from the tube; however, this can sometimes result in too much glue on the lash strip and it not being tacky enough to stick straight away.
4. Apply lashes with tweezers in the centre of your lash line first, and then apply outer and inner edges. Be careful for a few minutes while they dry – blink SLOWLY.

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Save your Cents

I have three tips to help you save money once you’ve found the false lashes that work for you:
1. Buy online
2. Buy in bulk
3. Reuse

My favourite online store for purchasing false lashes is You end up paying around $3-$4 for a pair of human hair lashes instead of $10+ at a local store. I have discovered the best cheaper brands are Ardell and Red Cherry. You can also purchase DUO Adhesive on this website for around $6-$8, instead of paying $15+ over the counter. Also, buying in bulk saves you money in the long run, as long as you know you’ll wear them!

Lastly, false lashes can be reused. Just make sure you remove them carefully after use and store them back in original packaging. If you buy expensive lashes, you will most likely spend a lot of time peeling the layers of glue off so you can reuse them numerous times! It is much easier (and more economical) to buy cheap lashes and use them two to three times before grabbing a fresh pair.

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Article by Ruth De Luchi

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