These Are Going To Be the 5 Biggest Hair Colour Trends Of 2018

These Are Going To Be the 5 Biggest Hair Colour Trends Of 2018

Lock it in. You’ll be seeing these tresses everywhere this year.

By Siobhan Taylor | 22nd February 2018

It’s no secret that we get a bit trend-obsessed here at Style HQ. From the latest looks fresh off the NYFW runways to Kim K debuting her latest cut, we get a bit trigger-happy with Insta screenshots. But, just when you thought that you’ve seen every hair trend that can possibly be attempted (because the world has already uncovered every possible colour, cut, and braid to ever grace social media), the universe slides into your DMs with new hair colour trends that have you questioning everything.

When it comes to hair colour, the trends don’t dramatically change. Rather, they shift and evolve, subtly changing to reflect the greater trends in beauty and fashion. And honestly, this might just be the best way to describe the hair colour trends we are looking forward to in 2018. Say goodbye to the minimalist, cosy and hygge-inspired shades of 2017, and hello to 2018: its spicy, warm and bolder older sister.

Call your colourist and get ready for our pick of the five biggest hair colour trends of 2018.

Spiced Cider

Hair Colour Trends

As winter slowly creeps in, you can expect to see ankle booties, checked coats and winter-ready tones returning. Spiced cider is the latest iteration of winter tones gone by, it has us dreaming of cosy evenings with hot cocoa in hand. A subtle blend of cinnamon, copper and blonde highlights (think: cinnamon doughnut), the style is built by painting large sections of hair with warm tones and softening it with ashy blonde accents. The result is a stunningly smooth and silky finish. Spiced cider tones will have you wanting to hightail it colder climates so you can relax by a fire. Bliss.

Shades Of Rosé

Hair Colour Trends

No, we’re not talking about the sparkling variety… Instead, this new take on rose hues is a fresh approach to the uber-popular pink hair trend. Adding hints of strawberry and rose to everything from blonde to caramel is the latest way to add subtle dimension to your hair. It takes your natural looking hair and jazzes it up with extra texture and flair in a way that is both daring but refined. To achieve it, ask your stylist to apply a gloss over old highlights, or ask for a sombré with ribbons of rose shades. Fluid The Color Salon uses Original & Mineral No Ammonia CØR Color to carefully blend shades, resulting in an effortlessly sweet style that is super easy to maintain.

Acid Dreams

Hair Colour Trends

Image via @fluidcolor

Acid hues are the next vibrant trend set to sweep salons across the country. No matter what you call it – neon, electric, dayglow – these technicolour shades are set to take over the pastel, My Little Pony-esque vibes we’ve been loving for the last few years. Since ultraviolet was named Pantone Colour Of The Year 2018, we can expect to see vibrant shades of violet, pink, lavender, mauve and turquoise. If you’re not sure if you’re up to it, ask your colourist to temper the brightness of the trend with a blended, natural-looking root, resulting in more organic regrowth that looks intentional (as opposed to an accident). Pearlescent and iridescent shades (think Natalie Portman in Closer) are also a way to experiment with fantasy shades a bit more subtly. To create the most vibrant shade possible, Fluid The Color Salon uses Pravana VIVIDS for hues that stand out from the crowd.

The Midas Touch

Hair Colour Trends

We’re going full luxe with this one. Effortlessly blending in shades of gold to your base colour, this style embraces rich golden tones weaved throughout, adding dimension, shine and texture. This trend is a natural progression from the 2017 variation of blonde, which saw our blonde sisters adopting warmer tones and sliding along to the golden end of the spectrum. Gold flecks are incredibly flattering and can be tailored to suit almost every skin tone. If you’re working with undertones such as pink or blue/green, opt for an icy look. Or, if your undertones are warm gold and yellow, request something buttery and warm.

Girl On Fire

Hair Colour Trends

Is it just us or is getting hot in here? This year is all about radical and stunning shades of red, orange and pink – think spicy, rich and fresh tones. This emerging trend is popular because it embraces an already popular style, but pushes it to the boundary with the ability to experiment with boldness and layers. It does require a bit more upkeep than other styles as red is prone to fading faster than most colours, but clever maintenance can help you get the most out of your colour. Fluid The Color salon recommends that you use Evo Fabulouso Color Intensifier (RRP $39.95) to keep your tresses glossy and glowing for longer, as well as washing it in lukewarm (not hot) water. Ask your colourist for a colour-depositing mask to keep your locks fresh in-between appointments. We know that this is a bit more upkeep than other styles, but let’s be honest. The payoff is so worth it.

Images: Pinterest

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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