Your Complete Guide To Beauty Tools You Need In Your Skincare Kit 

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By Dinushka Gunasekara | 20th February 2024

Navigating all the beauty tools on the market can have you feeling like Bob the Builder, but we’re here to fix that! Our skincare arsenals have seen it all, and now we’re ready to present to you a complete guide to beauty tools that are sure to brush up your everyday routines. Whatever your goals, discover the right tool for the job below:

Gua sha

A tried-and-tested solution for sculpted skin hailing back to the Stone Age, a gua sha is used to scrape the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage. From encouraging circulation to decreasing inflammation, regular gua sha use can chisel your cheekbones and create the facial definition of your dreams. Simply slap on your favourite facial oil and drag the tool outwards and upwards, along the contours of your face. 


Body brush

We all know how addicting exfoliating can be – who says no to shinier and smoother skin? Dry body brushing is a skin exfoliation technique that deserves a spot in your daily beauty routine, as it removes dead skin cells, boosts circulation, and leaves your body silkier than ever before. Start with firm, short strokes in an upward direction on your arms and legs, then switch to circular motions for your torso. Dry body brushing is best before you shower so you can flush away dead cells, and don’t forget to seal the deal with a good moisturiser post-wash. 


Ice roller

Recognisable in almost every ‘get ready with me’ vlog, ice rollers have garnered hype for their skin tightening and anti-inflammatory abilities – puffiness begone! While nothing can beat a good beauty sleep, ice rollers help wake up tired complexions by encouraging circulation and constricting blood vessels. Keep one handy in your fridge and you’ll have yourself a soothing massage ready to go at all times! 


Face roller

After taut and radiant skin? Then you need to get your hands on a face roller. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, choosing the right face roller depends on the results you’re seeking. A jade or rose quartz roller releases lymphatic build-up and is designed to calm tired or stressed skin. Meanwhile, consistent use of a multi-angular roller is key to achieving your sculpted skin goals. 


Derma roller

Don’t let the needles put you off! Derma rollers offer an at-home microneedling treatment by triggering your skin to create more collagen and elastin. The result? Plumper and tighter skin! Great for nixing wrinkles and improving skin texture, derma rollers have also been praised for boosting hair growth when used on the scalp.  


Scalp massager

Is your favourite part of a hair appointment the scalp massage? Not only is it oh-so relaxing, but your time at the basin eases tension, reduces product buildup, and nourishes the scalp. To mirror the good stuff at home, pick up a scalp massager with soft bristles and an ergonomic grip, and indulge in a tangle-free massage that doubles as an important moment of scalp care. 


Reusable face pads

A sustainable swap worth making this year, reusable face pads are good for the environment and your bank account. Ditch the disposables by opting for skin-friendly materials like microfibre that make cleaning your face easy and are easy to clean themselves – just chuck ‘em in the washing machine. 

By Dinushka Gunasekara A self-proclaimed Spotify connoisseur who plans her weekends on Monday, Dinushka’s least favourite time of the day is in between meals.



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