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1. Take a brow pencil and gently apply to the perimeter of the brow. Stefan‘s Eyebrow Crayon is ideal for outlining and giving definition to the brow’s exterior.

2. Next, taking a slanted brow brush and a powdered shadow, begin to shade in the brows. Starting at the base of the brow, use quick, short strokes, imitating brow hairs. Continue with the same motion along the tail end of the brow. We suggest using a colour that matches your hair tone or darker, particularly for an evening look.

The Stefan Professional Brow Sculpt palette offers a two toned, powdered shadow, to shape and define the brow. Alternatively, the Stefan Eyebrow Kit comes with waterproof brow paste as well as two brushes, which is perfect to set your brows so they last longer.

Stefan Brow Kit and Brow Gel cosmetic products

3. Lastly, use a highlighting concealer to draw an arch directly above the highest point of the brow as well as underneath, along the brow bone. Blend the concealer flawlessly into your skin. Stefan’s Miracle Wand illuminates the area perfectly to ensure your brows stand out even further.

These subtle and quick tips play with lights and shadows to give your brows the ultimate make over from boring and undefined, to prominent and distinguished!

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