By Brookie Jesberg from Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Going nude for the perfect wedding or job interview shouldn’t necessarily mean taking your kit off, it’s about choosing the right nude colour that’s best matched to your skin tone.

This winter it’s out with the browns and in with the nudes. Never has dark chocolate been so unpopular since the creamy white came on board! Well the same goes for nails my friends!

Nude nails is an understated fashion statement that whispers (not screams) “Look at me, here I am!”. The beauty about going nude doesn’t mean it stops at one shade, there’s plenty of nudies streaking round!

Here’s a simple go to guideline for the perfect nude:

Fair skin tones: choose a lacquer with pink undertones  (o.p.i polish sweetheart)
Medium to olive skin tones: look best with a peach base undertone (o.p.i polish privacy please)
Dark skin tones: choosing a nude with beige undertones (o.p.i polish in Samoan sand)

Hot Tip: Why stop at just pink or peach nude when you can greyge (grey-beige) it up as we’ll. Nothing beats a nude statement like a pair of grey stiletto nails!

Happy nudeing ladies!