We Spoke With A Hair Colouring Expert To Learn How To Repair Damaged Hair

We Spoke With A Hair Colouring Expert To Learn How To Repair Damaged Hair

Don’t sweat it: here’s how to get your locks lush again.

By Siobhan Taylor | 16th August 2018

Our relationship with our hair is borderline sacred. Whether you like your locks long, permed, natural, choppy or coloured, a good hair day can be compared to a free coffee, being complimented by a stranger, and your favourite song playing all at once. When we’re confronted with a bad hair day, we try to kid ourselves that it’s superficial and unimportant. But, if we’re being truly honest, a bad hair day can be one of the worst feelings that can leave you feeling self-conscious and uninspired. Usually, a bad hair day can be fixed with a good cleanse, deep conditioning and a bit of styling, but there are times when bad hair days stretch into weeks.

If you’ve had a traumatic experiencing involving hair dye or shears, it’s likely you’ve experienced the month-long bad hair day drama. Seriously, hell hath no fury like dry, damaged locks that have been bleached by inexperienced hands. If you’re struggling with damaged hair that defies any sort of styling, don’t fret: there is light at the end of the tunnel! We spoke with Trish Spessa, owner and colour specialist at Fluid The Color Salon, for her expert tips on how to repair and style damaged locks.

Speak With An Expert

It goes without saying that you should immediately consult a colour expert prior to dyeing your hair or afterwards if you have sustained damage. With years of colouring experience to her name as well as a dedicated team of expert stylists, Trish has created Fluid The Color Salon as a way to share her revolutionary colouring experience with the beauty-conscious individuals of Brisbane. If it’s your first time getting your hair coloured or if you’re looking to try something completely different, she’ll be able to guide you on your hair journey to ensure you achieve stunning, maintainable results. If you’re coming to Fluid desperate for some TLC, they’ll equip you with the knowledge to repair your hair and get it back to a healthy condition. She’s our hair hero.

Fluid The Color Salon Showed Us How To Repair Damaged Hair

An experienced stylist is the first step.

Nourishing Products

You’ll never get those locks healthy again if you’re using poor-quality products. To repair your hair on a molecular level you need to find a happy medium between protein and moisture. In fact, regardless of how damaged or healthy your hair is, anyone who gets their hair coloured or who uses heat styling should invest in regular moisture and protein treatments to help maintain the integrity of their hair. And of course, using shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulphates! Trish and her team love the Original & Mineral range and particularly recommend the Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque. For deep conditioning, leave the masque on hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. Your hair will be instantly softer, smoother and more manageable!

For colouring, Trish and her team at Fluid The Color Salon use Original & Mineral Ammonia Free Color. With a full range of vibrant and unbeatable colours, Original & Mineral uses a Signature Oil Blend, with cell regeneration & synthesis of keratin which gives your hair outstanding protection against environmental aggressors and leaves your hair incredibly nourished and shiny.

Fluid The Color Salon Showed Us How To Repair Damaged Hair

Primo products = lush locks

Balanced Diet

A thorough approach to hair care doesn’t end in the salon – it also happens in the kitchen! Maintaining a balanced diet full of nutrients is a critical aspect of growing healthy, strong hair. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have been vocal about how specific diets have allowed them to change up their hair regularly while keeping it healthy. Foods rich in fatty acids (such as avocados) are important for minimising breakage, meaning we’re happy to order an extra serve of guacamole when we get Mexican. Foods such as eggs and salmon are a great source of omega-3s (which our body doesn’t produce on its own) that helps promote stronger strands. It’s also important to keep your zinc levels up as it can help to stimulate oxygen and blood flow to the scalp, thus minimising hair loss. Therefore, be sure to stock up on dark chocolate and oysters, both of which are rich in zinc!

Fluid The Color Salon Showed Us How To Repair Damaged Hair

Time to stock up on avos!

Change Bad Habits

Even after all this, if you have bad hair care habits you’re unlikely to see any dramatic improvement to your hair. Trying to minimise how often you wash your hair (every three days is sufficient) will prevent your scalp from being stripped of natural oils that help promote better growth. When towel-drying your hair, try to use a microfiber towel and squeeze the strands instead of rub – this will prevent any breakage as it’s much safer for your hair than typical bath towels. Similarly, investing in silk pillowcases will dramatically help minimise hair breakage as cotton pillowcases can pull and tug your hair as you sleep. If you absolutely must heat style your hair, be strategic. Speak to your colour specialist to get a recommendation on a good-quality heat protectant and be sure not to over style.

 Fluid The Color Salon

The silk pillowcases from @gotoskincare are a personal favourite.

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