Everything you need to know about lash lifts

Everything you need to know about lash lifts

STYLE TRIAL: Even I didn’t expect results this good.

By Elizabeth Best | 7th April 2016

A month ago, I had no idea that a lash lift treatment like Lash Elevate existed. And now I have no idea how I have existed this long on Earth without it.

“What is it?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever had done to my lashes. EVER.

I’m lucky enough to have been blessed with long lashes. Unfortunately, they stick STRAIGHT out so you’d never know how long they were unless I told you, then turned my head in a rather awkward attempt to prove their length to you side-on.

I know what you’re thinking: “There are things called eyelash curlers, Liz. You should maybe get on that.”

Yep. Been there, tried to curl that. I’ve tried regular curlers, ones with extra divots to REALLY curl, and even heated eyelash curlers. My lashes are steadfast in their determination to stick straight out, longer than long but invisibly so.

The idea of extensions tickled my fancy briefly, but then I found out you can’t rub your eyes or the lashes fall out. Which would be fine if I didn’t have hayfever and spend approximately 72 per cent of my life rubbing my eyes. Sigh.

Then I heard about lash lifts. Specifically the Lash Elevate treatment at Amy Jean Eye Couture on James St in Fortitude Valley. The procedure involves taking your own lashes and sort of “perming” them up. Don’t freak out; it’s nothing like the horrible 1980s frizzy poodle perm.

Amy Jean Eye Couture Brisbane Lash Lift Lash Elevate What You Need To Know

Look how gorgeous the Brisbane Salon is!

When I arrived at the Amy Jean Eye Couture salon, I was a little nervous. The idea of putting chemicals near my eyes seemed mildly terrifying until I remembered I used mascara and eyeliner EVERY DAY. Duh.

I lay down on the table and my expert lash mistress Monique talked me through the process. She placed a wet pad under each of my eyes, which was very soothing. She then told me she was about to place a silicone mould on top of my eyelids and gently bend each of my lashes back over the mould to stick them there.

It pinched a little at first, and felt very odd… my eyes were shut but my lashes felt like they wanted my eyes to be open! Then Monique put the first lot of perming solution on my lash line and instructed me to wait 10 minutes until it set. She told me she would repeat the process three times, which is like 30 minutes of lying doing nothing. Totally fine by me.

The last thing I remembered was thinking that this slight eye prickling would prevent me from relaxing when Monique came and woke me. I’d fallen asleep! Can’t have been that uncomfortable then! She repeated the process, and each time I felt myself drift off between applications.

After my lashes were good and elevated, I had an eyelash a tint to really emphasise the difference.

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting all that much. My stubborn peepers have built me up for a lifetime of limp, lazy lash action. But holy heck if I didn’t walk out of there looking like this:


Before I left, Monique told me to obey the cardinal rule of perming: don’t get the lashes wet for 48 hours after the treatment, which I already knew thanks to Legally Blonde.

What I didn’t think of was perhaps not wearing my customary sleep mask to bed that night so the lashes could set. I woke up the next morning with my eyelashes still standing up, but going in a billion different directions. Luckily, a few frantic brushes with a spoolie had them mostly back to better than normal, except for one rogue lash that annoyed me EVERY time I looked in the mirror. (I’m on to you, you sneaky, disobedient thing!)

Sadly, due to an iPhone malfunction I lost my "before" photo. I had planned to take one after my lashes went back to normal, but seriously, it’s been six weeks and these babies are only JUST starting to droop.

The past few weeks have seen me on the receiving end of comments such as “You look so AWAKE!” “Are those fake eyelashes?” “What mascara are you using?!” (And the answer to that last question was always a smug “None!”)

I’m now at the slightly awkward stage at the end where half my eyelashes are standing to attention and half have dropped back down to their normal level, which makes applying mascara a little tricky. But I’ve already booked my next appointment, so that will be fixed in a jiffy.

46 James Street, Fortitude Valley
(Above Sass&Bide)

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Article by Elizabeth Best

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