Everything Autumn Beauty with Napoleon Perdis

Everything Autumn Beauty with Napoleon Perdis

One word: hydration.

By Sophie Catsoulis | 5th April 2017

We chat to beauty icon Napoleon Perdis about his tips and tricks for looking your best this autumn.

How should you alter your skincare routine to combat the cooler climate?
Whether it be indoor heating or the cold weather outdoors, winter tends to be the season our skin requires the most TLC. [The skin’s] texture often becomes dry and dehydrated, which can lead to premature aging, making infusing your skin with hydration a must.

Investing in rich antioxidant eye creams, anti-ageing serums, primers and a hydrating foundation is the best way to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. Drinking plenty of water is also super important, too.

What are your go-to products in terms of hydration?
Nothing feels as satisfying as hydrated, soft, plump skin. [Our] Multi-Hydration Gel Cream gives skin an extra boost of hydration where it’s needed the most. It’s a gel textured cream which refreshes, protects and hydrates the skin. I love that it delivers a cool burst of hydration, which plumps and hydrates skin leaving it looking and feeling incredible.

I also love the new Anti-Pollution Refining Skin-Fusion Milk Toning Essence. It can be used either before or after makeup application to revitalise skin and create a glass-like appearance.

What Autumn/Winter beauty trends can you foresee?
I am loving the natural, fresh and uncomplicated beauty look where skin becomes the feature. Think fresh bases [that] celebrate your natural beauty. [Our] Personal Trainer Serum Foundation is great to achieve this look as it’s lightweight and features ultra-fine pearlescent pigments [that] reflect natural light.

Not a trend for the timid, glossy eyelids are THE hottest trend for 2017. To get the look, try using a swipe of a taupe- or beige-hued lip gloss – ultra-modern and so cool.

For lips, autumn is all about embracing burgundy plum shades but worn as a tint for effortless chic.

Lash-wise, is there ever a time where big isn’t beautiful?! Fluttery will get you everywhere!

Do you feel as though fashion trends translate from the runway to the world of beauty?
Whether it be an entire look or simply the colours and textures, the world of beauty is very much inspired by the runway. I’m loving collections with a nod to the street culture vibe. Edgy, raw and unapologetic, it’s the way of the future.

When it comes to makeup, one of the biggest trends direct from the runway (and the easiest to emulate) is a fresh and flawless base. To achieve the look means investing in quality skincare, primer, and minimal amounts of foundation.

Where in the world is the most beauty-forward?
In terms of skincare and new advanced technology, it’s definitely Korea. I visited some labs while there on one of my latest trips and left feeling incredibly inspired. There were certain ingredients, beliefs and techniques [that] really changed the way I thought about the skin and the effects pollution and other environmental factors can have.

What makeup staple would you never leave the house without?
If I had to narrow it down to just one, I would have to say primer, because not to prime is a crime! Not only does it act as a bridge between your skincare and makeup, [primer] assists in creating a smooth landing for your foundation and helps it last the distance.

It can also be used to remove eyeshadow fallout, and [be] mixed with foundation for a more natural, sheer look. Our Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer is a game-changer. I keep one in my bag at all times!

What techniques/products should we stay away from this autumn?
Overdone, chocolate bar-looking contouring! Thick, dark and unblended contouring is so done. Not only is it unflattering and aging, it must feel like you have a blanket of makeup on. Instead, I prefer to use reflection with cream or powder highlighters to add natural lift and definition.

I would also love to see the end of over-drawn lips. It’s obvious where a woman’s lips begin and end, and trying to fake it sometimes (most times) just looks horrible. A great trick we use on photo shoots is to add a touch of highlighter onto the Cupid’s bow to make the lips pop and appear fuller.

What summer beauty trend becomes obsolete in winter?
In winter, skin tends to become a little paler, so when it comes to fans of a golden glow, keep your bronzer application very minimal. Keep your foundation minimal too, not mask-like. Too much foundation can set in any dry areas of the face and emphasise unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

Ideal choices for winter are fresh and luminous options like a Tinted Moisturiser or BBB Cream. They provide a hint of colour [and] long-lasting hydration.

Describe the ultimate date-night makeup look.
It’s up to the individual’s style and mood as well as where they’re going. I know sometimes my wife Soula-Marie loves a bold smoky eye and the next night she is all about a winged liner and bold red lip. That’s the beauty of makeup. You can reflect your mood in your glam.

At the moment, I’m loving a neutral smoky eye. Keep it classic with bronze tones. It’s a look [that] flatters all skin tones and looks perfect with every outfit.

  • Start by applying a coat of black mascara
  • Next, add a bronze shimmery eyeshadow to the eyelid and blend for a fused finish
  • Using a black pencil eyeliner, line the top and lower lash line and set with black eyeshadow
  • Follow with an extra lashing of black mascara for a sultry look
  • Don’t forget a cheeky sweep of pink blush and slick of nude lipstick – perfection!

What is the secret to simple everyday makeup?
Do what comes naturally to you. Some mornings you may feel a little lazy and just want to apply a couple coats of mascara, blush and a gloss, and others you may be feeling yourself and rock a bold red lipstick.

Some of us have more time than others in the morning, but whatever look you choose it should be something you’re comfortable with. There’s nothing worse than trying a new trend and ending up late for work. Keep experimenting when you have ample time on your side.

  • Primer should be applied first, then foundation should be focused on the T-zone area
  • Add some definition to your brows with a thin brow pencil
  • Next, apply a simple slick of mascara to instantly open up the eyes, making them appear bright and awake
  • To shape, define and add warmth to the skin, choose either a pressed powder or cream colour two shades darker than your natural complexion. Using a small rounded brush, contour under the cheekbones, temple, forehead, jawline and in the socket of the eye. Ensure you blend to avoid visible lines. Remember, the result should look natural
  • Add a nude gloss and you are out the door

What is the fail-safe Napoleon Perdis product?
One [of our] most popular products with women of all ages and walks of life is Total Bae Own It! Mascara. Part of the range my eldest daughter Lianna and I developed together, it’s available in jet black and electric blue. The wand is dual-sided so you can create intense volume, length and curl in the one application. It looks incredible on every eye shape and colour.

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