What It’s Like Becoming A Hairdresser

What It’s Like Becoming A Hairdresser

Chop, chop, does your career need a change?

By Georgie Murray | 27th March 2020

With 15 salons under their belt, Epic Hair Designs is just that – Epic – and for all the right reasons. 

Welcome to a powerhouse where every aspect of a client’s journey is considered long before and beyond the hairdressing chair. The Epic experience is one which of course renders industry-leading results but, behind salon doors, the experience is a journey that begins with scissors down, both for stylists and clients alike.  

Every Epic employee is on a journey themselves with an individual mapped-out plan featuring strategy, skill, technique and psychological components. Some of these are unexpected when you think of hairdressing as a profession, but this is the new wave of hair care with Epic leading the way. 

Creating a holistic experience, a trip to the hairdresser is something that’s becoming a wellness necessity, both mentally and physically and that’s why each Epic staff member undergoes extensive training on all realms of a client’s journey. From reading body language to understanding if the client wants to chat or have a moment of solitude, to the history of the client’s hair integrity and health, it’s all considered long before a strand of hair has been touched.

And obviously this support and structure is working inside Epic’s organisation with talented stylists paving the way for themselves beyond the salon floor. No longer is hairdressing considered a “in the meantime” job, it’s a career that offers length, integrity and depth – three things that also makes for great hair. The lack of career progression within hairdressing is a complete misconception. 


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The Epic Academy began in 2017 in the talented hands of Operations Manager, Shayne Wright. With an extensive career in the industry, Shayne has shaped the formula of training to nurture and support the skill of all stylists – both those who originate on Epic floors as apprentices to already established industry professionals moving over to join the ranks. 

It’s this consistent development that has personally kept Shayne engaged in the industry for over 20 years. “There is always something new to learn, a new colour, a new technique. I love knowing that I will never know it all; it keeps me hungry for information,“ says Shayne. 

Shayne’s passion is as effective as a good toner is to blonde – it’s brightening, eye catching and addictive, and felt in all lengths and ends of the company. 

The program and academy came to fruition after Shayne and founder, Brendon recognised the need for a private training facility and when the opportunity came up in Ascot to get the ball rolling, they jumped at it. As a progressive company, training occurs both internally and externally while collaborating with industry leaders such as Bes Bernadette and Kim Krey and aligning with product brands like Goldwell, Olaplex, Showpony Extensions and Kerastase. 


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So, what does the academy and training program look like? Shayne broke it down for us:

  • Needs Analysis – who needs what and what’s the priority
  • Individual program plan
  • Goldwell MasterColorist Programme
  • Kerastase Ambassador Programme
  • Epic Cutting Programme
  • Leadership Programme
  • Set Dates
  • Assess
  • Re-assess

That’s the skill and technique of hair taken care of, so what about beyond the clients tresses?

 “Each guest has their own journey and expectation and we endeavour to meet those expectations. We study the client journey and understand the research behind the guests’ experience knowing when to educate guests on products. We know walking into a salon on your day off can feel uncomfortable at first, so we combat this by making sure you’re greeted straight away and then seated and comfortable with our complimentary service menu. Every experience is unique, and our stylists are trained to ensure they cater to every guests expectations and needs,” Shayne explains. 

From an apprentice to award-winning stylists, the program clearly paves the way for a complex and lively career. Look at the day in the life of Shayne herself: overseeing 15 salons, conducting training on service, balayage, colour correction, foiling, coordinating external trainings, recruiting new team members, team support, guest surveys, KPI management, technical support and more. Every day is different, as is every employee and client.


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Just like Shayne  an entry into the Epic empire is never too late. “I have known Brendon – the owner of Epic – for many years and always admired his system, structure and procedural business strategy. However, it was really his dedication to training with his team that I recognised always remained constant. When my journey came to an end at Goldwell I took time to consider my next move and when Brendon offered me a position with Epic I jumped at it as I believed in his vision, his work ethic and dedication to hairdressers and their growth,” Shayne says. 

With that, now may be the time to make a career move with Epic who are moving from strength to strength, opening their next salon at Hope Island in May. 

Explore the academy components to see the epic career that could be. “With thousands of five-star Google reviews, Epic are leading the industry. With only the most luxurious products, how could our training not uphold these facts?  With more master colourists than any salon in Australia the training is extensive. We have our hands on the best products in the market. You can be assured that every stylist completes hair the Epic way,” says Shayne. 

At this time, amongst the coronavirus chaos, be rest assured Epic are all over the highest standards of your health. See how they’re protecting you and themselves, here.

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Article by Georgie Murray

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