We’re On The Edge Of Social Change: Embrace Your Inner Beauty

We’re On The Edge Of Social Change: Embrace Your Inner Beauty

When it doesn’t actually matter how many likes you get!

By Scarlett Twine | 28th August 2018

What editing app…is the lighting good enough…can we take another? How many likes? Instagram & Facebook – creative outlets, which connects all those alike can be exciting and great for all types of business. However, like a wave in the sea, it can be calm and fun and then all of a sudden suck you up and spit you out, hitting your body against the sand on the way out. Eek! That was deep!

With 15 million monthly active Australian users on Facebook and 9 million on Instagram, social media has become an oversaturated environment with constant competition. Being wrapped up in all of this can often distort self-confidence and leave young women constantly looking on ‘the outside’. But what’s really important – is what is on the inside. (Cliché, but girl you know its true!)

Jade Tuncdoruk, also known as jadetunchy and the therealjadetunchy on Instagram is notorious for spreading body-positivity and often speaks about the importance of inner-beauty. “You should love your body and take care of it because you only have one, but the way you look is just a very tiny part of what makes you, you!” She pleads on one of her latest Instagram posts, “Love every part of who you are. Not just the shell. Love your mind and your heart.”

Likewise, influencer Cartia Mallan who was recently part of the Sportsgirl ‘BE THAT GIRL’ campaign relates to her followers in a down to earth and lovable way when she says, “My life online might be perfect, but I have days where I feel like sh*t, and there are days where I feel great and then there are days where I feel anxious, because that is what most humans go through…” Stressing the importance that not every day is a great day and it's completely NORMAL to have off days. “Embrace your individuality and the quirky things about yourself…if you want to see a social change, just get on board and start picking up on things, be aware...”

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Let’s all imagine what it would be like if we didn’t bully ourselves, letting materialism and self-doubt seep in? If we empower one another, promoting self-worth and let our true, unique, amazing selves beam through the negativity? Visualise how things would start to transform if we started to spend the same amount of time on our inner-beauty as we do for our outer-beauty. Time spent improving our souls, mind and heart like Jade Tuncdoruk suggests. Maybe then, we as a generation can create social change. Realising that the feeling of inner-happiness is not actually about the way we look – it’s about the way we feel, the things we achieve and the people we choose to take the journey with.

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Article by Scarlett Twine

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