Digital Editor’s Picks: Best Shampoos For Your Hair Type

Digital Editor’s Picks: Best Shampoos For Your Hair Type

Is your hair frizzy? Long? Short? Damaged? Lacklustre? Here’s what you need

By Elizabeth Best | 4th February 2016

Bad hair day? No more! These shampoos should get your locks back to luscious in no time.

Best Shampoo For Your Hair Type | Beauty products
1. Best for heat protection

DeLorenzo Defence Thermal Shampoo, $26.95

Use your GHD or hairdryer a lot? Then you’re gonna need to protect your locks from getting fried. De Lorenzo’s Thermal Shampoo from their Defence range has gorgeous, moisture-giving argan oil to prevent your tresses getting torched. So much better than pulling back on the styling tool use!

2. Best for volume

Bhave Magnify Shampoo, $55.95

I only just discovered this range and already it’s moved to the top of my list. I have SUPER thick, long hair and like a lot of volume, which is really hard because thick = heavy. But this magic elixir seems to make my hair defy gravity without getting the frizz other voluminising products give me.

3. Best for long hair

Kérastase Cristalliste Baine Fine, $29.50

This silicone-, paraben- and colourant-free range has a perfect, weightless formula for long hair. With options for thick and fine hair, Kérastase’s main advantage here is that it cleanses the root and purifies the the ends of long locks.

4. Best for dry hair

Pure Hair Food Moisture Shampoo, $28.90

Say it with me: nourish, nourish, nourish! Nourishing your hair is this moisture shampoo’s game and it adds silk and shine with aplomb. The difference with this one is that it not only cleanses your hair, but the active ingredients work together to actually prep your hair to fully absorb any conditioners or hair masques that come afterward.

5. Best for luxe

Balmain Hair Couture range, shampoo from $35

Calling all fashionistas! If the H&M Balmain collection wasn’t enough to get your heart racing then this hair care range sure is! What could be more fabulous than couture for your hair? The product itself gives amazing natural shine to dull hair so you can strut your stuff at any party with confidence. Hyde Hair Care ( are the exclusive Brisbane stockists for this amazing brand so get there quick-smart for hair couture goodness.

6. Best for frizzy hair

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo, $37.50

Australia’s summer is notorious for making my hair a frizzy nightmare, and Living Proof has rescued it many a time. The secret is the patented OFPMA (nope, we don’t know what that stands for either), an anti-frizz technology to effectively block humidity without overloading the hair with silicones, which weigh it down. It also tames frizz without killing your mane’s body.

7. Best for shine (and most gorgeous bottle)

Oribe Shampoo for Brilliance And Shine, $59

This is a splurge if I ever did see one, but it’s worth it for the stunning bottle alone. If you want your hair to shine like the sun (and love a bit of a statement piece in your bathroom) then you’re gonna want to kick this shampoo off your bucket list at least ONCE in your life.

8. Best for brunettes

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Shampoo, $5.99

You know how sometimes your brown hair can just look a bit dull? This formula from John Frieda helps restore the shiny, multi-tonal facets of your strands to give a more vibrant dimension. And according to the website it even has crushed pearls in it!

9. Best for blondes

De Lorenzo Silver range for Blondes, $26.95
Get rid of brassy tones in your blonde locks with this Silver De Lorenzo Nova Fusion offering. It promises to banish brass in favour of a gorgeous, ethereal, natural blonde tone.

10. Best budget buy

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo, $4.80

This is hands down the best of the supermarket brands. It does everything shampoo is supposed to do, but has a burst of extra moisture and shine that many other budget brands just don’t display. Definitely the best everyday formula.


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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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