Coconut Beauty Products We Can't Live Without!

Coconut Beauty Products We Can't Live Without!

Go loco for all things coco!

By Kiri Johnston | 17th August 2017

There’s nothing like laying in a hammock on a tropical island whilst sipping from a fresh coconut! Although we’d love to spend our lives doing just that, you can get your daily dose of coconut easy! Drinking coconut water does amazing things for your insides – it supposedly hydrates you more than water, has great anti-ageing effects, it’s full of vitamins, regulates blood pressure and the list goes on… But what if I told you it can also do incredible things for your skin? With clean beauty products that are made from 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients and coconut oil, you can get that feel-good natural glow from inside out. Hydrated skin, hair and lips are only one swipe away!



These coconut-scented face wipes will melt away makeup and gently clean your skin, leaving a non-greasy feel. Pop them into your handbag and go! Available at Sephora.


Use this illuminating elixir on your cheekbones for a soft highlight or mix with your foundation for a fresh finish. The coconut water provides refreshing electrolytes. Available at Sephora.


Get big natural lips without paying a whole heap. This pure argan oil and butter lip balm volumises lips instanty. Available at Mecca Maxima.


All of your chapped lip problems will be solved with this 100 per cent coconut-infused natural lip balm! One glide on and your lips will be shiny, soft and ready for a smooch! Available at Mecca Maxima.


This highlighter, formulated with hydrating coconut oil, gives a natural dewy finish that shimmers in the light. Available at Mecca Cosmetica.


Infused with youth-boosting therapeutic ingredients, this coconut water mist will get your skin looking hydrated without the redness!

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Article by Kiri Johnston

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