7 Make-up Tricks Celebrities Swear By For Perfect Brows

7 Make-up Tricks Celebrities Swear By For Perfect Brows

Teach us your ways, Beyoncé.

By Siobhan Taylor | 6th December 2017

Whether it’s Brooke Shield’s straight, dark brows or Cara Delevingne’s iconic arches, there’s no denying that our culture is a little obsessed with powerful, strong brows. Capable of completely changing the way you look, brows are the easiest way to sharpen your features and make you appear more awake and put together. If you’ve been lusting after the perfect set of arches, we’ve gathered all the must-know celebrity make-up tricks & secrets to achieving the perfect set of brows.

Lock Them In Place

If brow gel isn’t a part of your brow routine, it might be time to add this holy grail item into your cosmetic bag! Supermodel, actress and author Cara Delevingne recently spoke with Refinery29, stating that brow gel is her “desert island” beauty product that she uses every day to keep her famous arches tamed. Just like you use hairspray to set your hair, eyebrow gel is used to secure your eyebrows in place and keep them on point all day long. If your brows are already full (lucky you), a tinted brow gel can be the easiest way to keep your brows in place and looking natural. If you are a little on the sparse side, fill in your brows first with your product of choice and use a brow gel to tidy any strays.

Cut Above The Rest

While cutting and trimming your brow hairs might seem like a good way to tidy up your brows, it’s time to drop the scissors and take a step back. Chernae Silk, owner and founder of The Brow Bar, advises all her clients that blunt-cutting their own brows is incredibly hard to get right and can completely change their brow shape and hair growth. Unless it’s being done by a professional, stick to brow gel to keep those unruly hairs in-check between appointments.

Colour Correcting

Nailing the right brow colour can be challenging, but the effect is has on your face is major. One of Reese Witherspoon’s makeup artists recommends you treat your brow colour the same as you would treat your hair colour, and try different brow products in the store to see how the shade complements your hair and skin tones. As your hair colour changes with the seasons and gets lighter in summer, so should your brow colour. The Arch Angels at The Brow Bar can lighten your colour heading into summer to ensure your peepers really pop. Whether it’s removing ashy tones from blonde hair or caramelising brown tones, they will ensure your brows are season-appropriate all year long.

Approach The Pros

Lily Collins once told The Telegraph about a particularly awful brow experience; “I didn’t tell mum when I plucked my eyebrows for the first time – I thought I looked great. She saw me later and was horrified, worried that they wouldn’t grow back. Luckily, they did, but from then on I only let one person touch them, who has been shaping them ever since.” The pros are pros for a reason. From extensive training to on-going professional development, professional beauty therapists pride themselves on knowing the latest trends and tailoring their service and advice to suit your bone structure and preferences. Unless you want a nightmare experience à la Lily Collins, make sure you leave any dramatic changes to the pros.

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Light It Up

While we all know the face-changing ability of products like brow pencils and brow gels, your favourite highlighter can also be used to help shape your brows. A swipe of highlighter on the the brow bone can help define your brow shape and make your eyes appear brighter and more open. The result is perfectly shaped brows and the appearance of looking more awake – even if you had a bit of a late night. Lucy Hale’s makeup artist uses this trick to keep the starlet’s famous arch perfectly defined.

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Shape Up

When perfecting your brow shape, the best approach is to avoid anything too unnatural. Sir John, makeup artist to the one and only Beyoncé, recommends respecting your natural brow shape and work with it, instead of against it. A straight brow with a slight arch is universally flattering and will stand the test of time, unlike exaggerated arches or ultra-thin brows circa 2003.

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Go Bold

If you want to go bold, take a leaf out of Rita Ora’s book and experiment with dark brows and light hair. On the topic of her famous brows, Rita said in an interview with Cosmopolitan, “I love eyebrows – they structure the face. I love the fact that mine are thick and dark with such blonde hair.” It might sound radical, but this high-fashion trend can instantly refresh your look and completely change your face. Like any dramatic look, this one is tricky to perfect and should only be attempted with the help of a beauty professional. If you aren’t ready to commit to the look permanently, you can experiment with brushing dark brown mascara through blonde brows to create a similar effect.

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