We Asked Owner Of Brooklyn Beauty Bar, For Tips On How To Keep A Summer Glow All Year Round

We Asked Owner Of Brooklyn Beauty Bar, For Tips On How To Keep A Summer Glow All Year Round

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By Laura Frendon | 31st January 2019

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve tried to do a quick fake tan at home the night before a big event, only to wake up the next morning with patches, streaks, and spots of skin that have completely missed the product altogether. Brooke Jesberg from Brooklyn Beauty Bar has heard these horror stories time and time again, so has let us in on a few tips and tricks she recommends, in order to get a flawless and long lasting spray tan.

How do we get our spray tans to last longer?

Getting your body ready is key. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. The better you exfoliate before your spray tan, the better and more even it will be. In order to allow your skin to settle, always book your spray tan for half a day after you exfoliate and shave. It is also important to arrive with a perfectly moisturized skin base. Sorbelene is a great product to use as it’s water-based, allowing the tan to still penetrate the skin beautifully without those alligator scales! To ensure your tan will last longer, avoid using perfumed or oil based moisturisers.

If we’re timing the spray tan for a big event, when will it look best?

I always find three showers after application gives the best look.

Brooklyn Beauty Bar is renowned for even toned tans. What’s the secret?

We’ve developed a unique blending technique for a beautiful, even look, and this is what makes Brooklyn Beauty Bar tans the best.

Why do some spray tans suit us better than others?

Different spray tans have different PH levels, and using the wrong moisturiser or tan extender can make your tan go orange or even greenish – check with your technician and only use the products they recommend. Tan extenders are great for a longer lingering gorgeous tan.

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Article by Laura Frendon

Laura grew up in North Queensland but has been living in Brisbane for the past 4 years. In her spare time she doubles as a Broncos Cheerleader and before she became a Journalist, she was a freelance dancer and teacher, performing professionally in Melbourne.


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