We've Rounded Up 8 Of Brisbane’s Best Injectables Clinics

We've Rounded Up 8 Of Brisbane’s Best Injectables Clinics

These are the experts to speak to!

By Georgie Murray | 29th November 2019

Whether you’ve tried injectables before or are thinking about trying them for the first time, there are a lot of things to consider. What is your dream result? What kind of treatment plan can you commit to? What will suit your natural features? If you have these questions and more, we’ve found 8 of Brisbane’s best injectables clinics to help you make your decision with confidence.

Whether you want a plumper pout of smoother skin, these are the experts to speak to.

Artisan Aesthetic Clinics | Multiple Locations

Your skin is what you wear for your whole life, and it’s an important investment according to the team at Artisan! Many people have skin concerns that skin treatments alone won’t address but did you know that this is where cosmetic injectables can bridge that gap? Choosing to have injectables doesn’t mean a fake look – Artisan believe treatments should be noticeable and with the correct application of techniques and products, results will look gloriously natural and will go undetected. Get to know a team that will take their time to get to know you and your concerns, providing a treatment plan suited to achieving your aesthetic goals. What’s more, they utilise the latest technology and techniques with their highly experienced and trained clinicians – always aiming to empower their clients to look and feel their confident best.


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Brazilian Beauty | Multiple Locations

Science meets beauty with the injectables at Australia’s leading beauty clinic franchise. Whether it’s a hereditary frown line you want to skip a generation, removing crows feet that are standing their ground or regaining the volume ageing has took from you in your lips or cheeks, Brazilian Beauty has a solution for every concern. Their dermal fillers are perfect for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, contouring your face and creating volume while their anti-wrinkle injections can prevent wrinkles before they even begin. Or, prime your perfect pout with Brazilian Beauty’s premium lip fillers. You can even get $50 off your first appointment with a Brazilian Beauty Registered Nurse when you start your journey to looking as young as you feel!


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Bulimba Dermatology | Bulimba

Relax your skin and relax yourself in a sleek and modern clinic tailored to provide comfort and safety to you. With the help of the highly qualified dermatologists and nurses at Bulimba Dermatology, you can keep the lines of your face in line using their muscle-relaxant injections. By relaxing specific facial muscles, you can say goodbye to frown lines, forehead lines and smile lines around the eyes. Or turn up the volume with their dermal fillers, which can help restore lost volume and reshape the face to create a smoother, fresher and more harmonious appearance. All of the injectables at Bulimba Dermatololgy are performed in a dedicated medical facility by only the most expert hands so there’s no need to read between the lines – you and your skin are with the best!

Cosmetic Image Clinics | Multiple Locations

There’s no doubt than when you look good, and with their motto of "Being ageless and timeless", Cosmetic Image Clinics are experts when it comes to increasing that confidence from within! Find plumper looking skin with more volume, decreased wrinkles and less visible fine lines – all from the award winning team at Cosmetic Image Clinics. A common misconception is that many injectables have to cost a fortune, but it’s not the case! Treatments here are affordable. These beauty experts absolutely love what they do, so much so, they continually attend master class training to ensure all patients receive the best treatments possible every time. Don’t know what your injectable requirements are? Come in and sit down with the very experienced team at either their CBD or West End locations and receive a full-face assessment to address all your queries. While you’re there, utilise the bathhouse facilities (CBD only), or just relax with a glass of bubbles and delicious nibbles in the five-star clinic.


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Cosmetique | Herston

Did you know that there’s more to lacklustre skin than just ageing? Genetics, smoking, dehydration, UV light and lifestyle can all cause depletion in face volume. Home to some of the liveliest skin givers and skillful surgeons who are leaders in their respective fields, Cosmétique performs more than 1,500 dermal filler treatments per month making their injectors some of the most experienced in the country. Their key ingredient to plumper skin? Hyaluronic acid, which is natural to the body. Every patient receives a comprehensive consultation and all their treatments are performed in a pain free manner to minimise discomfort. Then, a plan will be put forward to you to achieve your aesthetic goals in not only a safe manner, but affordable too. At Cosmétique, all nurses are extensively trained by their world class surgeons. Being a surgical clinic, rather than a beauty clinic, means Cosmétique abides by standards of safety above and beyond what is industry standard.


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Esteem Medi Spa | Multiple Locations

All your aesthetic goals are waiting to be achieved in state-of-the-art, luxurious clinics that have your best interest in mind. Esteem Medi Spa has been at the forefront of anti-ageing treatments for over 20 years, and their injectables can prevent the effects of ageing, plump up areas where volume is lost, boost skin to help hydration, correct asymmetry or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Led by world renowned Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp, the team has a holistic approach to ageing and rejuvenation and combines expert training with the latest advancements in the aesthetics industry to take you on your aesthetic journey. Their injectables are performed by qualified medical professionals in a reputable clinic and Esteem wants you to know injectables aren’t taboo; Australia has the highest rate of non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed per capita!


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Herstellen Clinic | Spring Hill

More than just a name, Herstellen is a Dutch word meaning to restore, repair, recover and recuperate – and that’s exactly what the team live and breathe to help achieve for their clients. For men and women who are wanting to decrease the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles or perhaps enhance a particular part of their face with a long-lasting affect, the highly trained team at Herstellen led by Dr Justin Perron are here to help. Through a professional, thorough and comfortable experience at their luxurious Spring Hill clinic, receive an in-depth professional treatment with their plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Justin Perron, who has many years of experience with facial aesthetics. While injectables can be great for many, they’re not always the best solution for everyone. A consultation with the team at Herstellen will help determine the best outcome and treatment plan for you.


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Injex Clinics | Capalaba

Like treating yourself to a new outfit, fresh hairstyle or mani/pedi sesh, injectables at Injex Clinics are all about self-care. They know cosmetic injectables are a journey that should be planned with skill and care so to ensure you’re not pushed into a treatment you don’t need, they have no targets and pay no commissions. Instead, they give ample time to each client to thoroughly go over the treatment, explain the process in detail and allow you to make your own informed decisions. By using a natural approach to all their injectables, you’ll leave Injex Clinics looking and feeling refreshed, as well as armed with a preventative treatment to slow down the ageing process.


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