We’ve Rounded Up Brisbane’s Best Dermal Filler Treatments For 2019

We’ve Rounded Up Brisbane’s Best Dermal Filler Treatments For 2019

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By Dinushka Gunasekara | 29th October 2019

If luscious lips, smooth skin and contoured cheeks sounds like your kind of vibe, then dermal fillers might be right up your alley! Unlike botox, dermal fillers use a substance naturally found in the skin to fill in the gaps so you can have the natural look you want for a long time to come. Want to take the plunge? We’ve got you covered with our pick of Brisbane’s best dermal filler treatments!

Aesthetix | Multiple Locations

Get your fill of expert treatments and excellent results with the team at Aesthetix. Their dermal fillers use next generation injectable gel to gently restore structure and volume to skin for an outcome that looks as natural as it feels. Worry lines, frown lines, acne scars and crow’s feet can all be gone with dermal fillers or turn up the volume with face fillers and cheek fillers to improve facial contours. The dermal filler is placed below the skin’s surface to fill in or plump up the static facial wrinkles and folds to diminish their depth and create a natural and more refreshed facial appearance for you. Led by Dr Russell Hills, Aesthetix will work closely with you from consult to treatment to tailor the very best outcome so you can leave as the best and most confident version of yourself.


Artisan Aesthetic Clinics | Multiple Locations

Whether you want to fill and smooth lines or restore and enhance the youthful curves of the face, Artisan is where treatments meet artistry so you can feel truly confident in your own skin. Dermal filler injections contain hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that stabilises structure, attracts and binds water, and improves elasticity. It fills space where volume is lost and stimulates skin cell renewal so you can say goodbye to wrinkles, deep folds and scars, and redefine the natural contours of the jaw, chin and nose. Results are visible immediately, will reach their prime in one to two weeks, and last six to twelve months. Artisan will provide you with a truly tailored and caring experience guided by expert hands to help you master the artistry of you.


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Brazilian Beauty | Multiple Locations

Brazilian Beauty wants you to look as young as you feel, by helping you regain the image that reflects your natural and vibrant spirit. Their experienced Cosmetic Injectors will advise you on the most appropriate dermal filler treatment to achieve your desired results so you can leave celebrating your own kind of beautiful. Their cosmetic injectables can address facial volume loss to help reduce pronounced wrinkles, sagging skin and lost definition for a fast, safe and effective way to a younger appearance. As Australia’s leading beauty salon franchise with a national network of 21 independently operated luxury salons, Brazilian Beauty is here to make beautiful happen in whatever way you want it to be!


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Cosmétique | Herston

From head-to-toe, Cosmétique has you covered! Their dermal fillers will restore youth and fullness to your face so you can stop time and defy gravity all at once. Bring back volume and plumpness to your lips, chin, jawline, area under the eyes and even your nose, and depending on the type of fillers, you can savour the results for up to 24 months. At Cosmétique, they are one of Australia’s busiest Cosmetic Clinics performing several thousand treatments every month. The nurses at Cosmétique are trained by the surgeons in the latest techniques so the patients achieve exceptional results with minimal bruising. Treatments are done with nerve blocks so the treatment is pain free!


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Cosmetic Image Clinics | Multiple Locations

Put your best face forward with dermal fillers from Queensland’s largest cosmetic clinic. Led by Dr Ingrid Tall who has over 20 years experience in the cosmetic medicine industry, Cosmetic Image Clinics’ dermal fillers can treat fine lines, folds, creases, depressions, grooves, scars or even enhance your lips. As a distinguished Allergan Black Diamond Partner, their excellence in the standard of injectable treatments has been nationally recognised so you can be rest assured you’re being treated by the best. They also offer a combination of dermal fillers with muscle relaxant therapy to promote a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance to give you the youthful look you desire without compromising natural expression. At Brisbane’s award winning Medispa, you’ll be so relaxed you won’t even realise you’re getting treatment done!


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Esteem Medi Spa | Multiple Locations

To achieve your desired aesthetic, why not head to Queensland’s Best Aesthetic Practice for the past three years? The skilled injectors at Esteem Medi Spa will choose from their wide palette of dermal filler products to find the perfect one that will get you to the outcome you want. Before beginning any treatment, a consultation with the Esteem experts will tell you everything you need to know about the procedure and answer any questions. Whether you’re after a non-surgical facelift, nose reshaping, chin enhancement, skin tightening, brow shaping or non-surgical jowl reduction, their team is personally trained by internationally recognised Plastic Surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp so you can have the best to look your best.


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Harbour Medispa | Wilston

To find anything your skin has lost in the natural ageing process, start your search at Harbour Medispa. Known for their signature A La Angelina Jolie Lips, Nurse Jo will accentuate the pillows naturally present in your lips to create a “fresh, not fake” keyhole look that is plump in all the right areas. Along with the medical team at Renaissance Clinics, they will help you find the perfect option to treat your cosmetic concerns and meet your aesthetic goals through an intimate consultation. Faster-acting than creams, quicker and less painless than surgery and giving you a natural-looking effect, the dermal fillers at Harbour Medispa will help you find what you’re looking for. Their Cosmetic Dermal Filler injectables will restore volume in your skin and fullness in the facial tissues while also working beautifully to correct structure and naturally reshape the form of your face.


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Herstellen Clinic | Spring Hill

Lead by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Justin Perron, the team at Herstellen Clinic will help you plump up the volume. They are highly trained in dermal filler techniques to help you achieve natural-looking results you’ll love. By taking the time to discuss your needs and goals with you, they’ll ensure you receive the treatment that will best provide you with what you want. Take your pick of plumper lips, fuller or more defined cheeks, softening deep or permanent wrinkles, reshaping your nose, treating marionette lines, contouring your chin and jawline, restoring volume to your eyebrow or opening your eye at the place that has restore, repair, recover and recuperate in its name!


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Injex Clinics | Capalaba

For beautiful volume and a gorgeous contour, head to the sister-led clinic that has gained a reputation for outstanding products, service and quality. Their highest quality dermal fillers can treat everything from lips, under eyes, cheeks, marionettes, chins, jaws or temples to create a natural and youthful look you will adore. Their highly-trained staff are often jetted off to national and international training to ensure you’re only being treated by the most cutting edge and advanced injectors possible who are dedicated to achieving the best treatment outcomes so you can have the utmost experience and satisfaction. With immediate results and a range of different filler options available so you can find the one best suited for you, getting injects at Injex is an excellent move.


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