BNE’s Top Dermal Filler Treatments

BNE’s Top Dermal Filler Treatments

Your skin, your way

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 13th October 2020

Living with skin concerns is so last year. Nowadays, those in the know are rocking plump lips, contoured cheeks and chiselled chins thanks to the natural treatment that works wonders. Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin (you may be familiar with it as the go-to ingredient in all your favourite serums and creams). Safe, long-lasting and designed to get wows while still looking like yourself, have your fill with our pick of Brisbane’s best dermal filler treatments!

Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic | Victoria Point

With most clinicians at this boutique medical skin clinic boasting a minimum of 10 years’ injecting experience, your bespoke result with utmost safety is ensured. The clinicians' absolute attention to detail in sculpting your face and giving you those longed after luscious lips will leave you looking as good as you feel. With specialist doctors on hand at all times, rest assured only the most top-notch aesthetic skills can be found here. The team of professional medical and nurse clinicians will guide you through your entire journey, and will always aim for perfection. From the meticulous assessment of your unique features, comprehensive consultation, flawless implementation and ongoing reassessment, you will have all your bases covered with the unique BCMC experience.


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Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Studio | Multiple Locations

As we get older, our body produces less and less collagen, meaning we lose our youthful plump. Thankfully, the team at Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Studio can help! With their dermal fillers, you can restore a more youthful appearance and achieve a healthier, fuller-looking complexion. They can be used to treat areas such as frown lines, lipstick lines, jawline sculpting, sagging skin, tear-troughs, non-surgical eyebrow lifts, volume loss to cheeks and so much more! Providing hydration, support, and structure to areas suffering from volume loss or contour changes, the results are visible either immediately or within a short time period, and generally involve minimal to no downtime or discomfort. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your enhanced look for anywhere between 3-12 months, depending on how quickly your body metabolises the product.


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CST Direct | Northgate

Positive ageing begins with this dedicated team of women who are here to empower you. As their go-to treatment for beautification and rejuvenation, their dermal filler results are immediate, so you can leave the bespoke clinic achieving your aesthetic goals and confidence. In your ample one-on-one time with their registered nurse and prescribing doctor, CST Direct will ensure you know everything about the product, method, outcomes, longevity and impact of concurrent treatments, so optimal results are achieved. And, if it’s your first time in their plush chair, all your fears will fade away during their no-obligation, complimentary consult where all your goals and concerns will be addressed in a thorough treatment plain tailored completely to you.


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Cutis Clinic | Indooroopilly

The choice is all yours at this specialist dermatology clinic! From performing the treatment at a pace you’re comfortable with, to creating results that are as subtle or dramatic as you like, Cutis Clinic provide a full-face assessment to treat the face holistically. They can tackle signs of ageing from all angles, and their injectable nurses are the best in the biz, providing results with natural edges and curves, enhancement right where you want it, and skilled massaging techniques to ensure the filler follows your natural features to craft your dream look. In your free consultation prior to treatment, you’ll see why they’re known for their excellent standards in cosmetic dermatology – they’re all about providing safety, comfort and outstanding results!


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Dr Scott Allison | Newstead

No enhancement is too complex for one of the leaders in Australian cosmetic medicine. Dr Scott Allison is the best of the best and makes even the most advanced techniques look easy. Through a combination of expertise and artistry, he takes the time to uncover exactly what you’re looking for, before using dermal fillers to both restore and beautify. With a special interest in nose filler – which can only be performed by experienced cosmetic injectors like himself – he holds the key to your dream look, by suggesting treatments that will complement and enrich the dermal filler result. In between offering facial rejuvenation and being an international trainer in cosmetic injectables, he also stays informed of new developments in the field, so you’ll always receive the highest quality of care.


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Injex Clinics | Capalaba

There’s nothing that compares to the power of dermal fillers and, likewise, nothing compares to the superior experience at Injex Clinics. From the moment you’re welcomed by the friendly and approachable staff, you’ll be put at ease, before the highly trained and skilled injectors give you their undivided attention to ensure your desired results. What they can do with dermal fillers almost has no bounds – from the ever-popular lush lips to treating tear troughs, hollow eyes, cheeks, jaws, temples, chins, noses and even hands or ear lobes. And, as they pay no commissions, you can trust the recommendations you receive. There are no sales pitches here, just a team who will help you be who you want to be!


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SCinjectables | Morningside & Greenslopes

There is absolutely no compromising on attention to detail when Su-en Chow – the highly sought-after founder of SCinjectables – is your injector. Whether you’re restoring or enhancing volume with dermal fillers, she’ll sit you down for a one-on-one, comprehensive consultation to ensure she’s on the same page as you regarding what you want to achieve, while you understand every single aspect of the treatment to make an informed decision. Her treatments take less time than a lunch break and you’ll leave the clinic to the sound of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ because the results are immediate with minimal down time! With Su-en’s experienced touch, you’ll enjoy the dedication of a passionate professional, as well as a refreshed and – most importantly – natural look.


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Skin Revision | Chermside

Hit rewind in the more ways than one, in the space that combines luxe surroundings with excellence in injecting. The dermal fillers at Skin Revision are performed by doctors who are experienced in advanced injecting techniques to rejuvenate, glamorise and correct. From non-surgical rhinoplasty to tear trough fillers, jawline shaping and collagen bio stimulation, even the most specialised treatments are easy breezy in their capable hands. Each member of the skilled team has specialised interests and areas of expertise, collaborating together to ensure all your concerns are only addressed by the best. Plus, as well as a complimentary full-face assessment, you’ll receive access to their new gut health and beauty programs, proving that their approach to wellness starts from the inside, out.


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