Glow On: Brisbane’s Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Glow On: Brisbane’s Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Time to turn back the clock on ageing!

By Astrid Taemets | 29th April 2021

Anti-ageing: it’s the biggest buzzword in the world of beauty, and for good reason.

From at-home skincare, to healthy lifestyle options and in-salon treatments, there are plenty of ways to help pause the clock on ageing, but for those keen to see instant results, anti-wrinkle treatments such as injectables are a foolproof way to nix fine lines and pesky wrinkles.

Whether you’ve tried them before or not, you’ve got to admit the results speak for themselves. Younger, fresher, wrinkle-free skin – it’s all part and parcel of anti-wrinkle treatments.

Intrigued? You’re in luck! Below, we’ve collated a list of some of Brisbane’s best anti-wrinkle clinics. Plumper, smoother skin awaits.

Clinic 54 | Windsor

We all know anti-wrinkle injections are successful in temporarily eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but what can we do to elongate its effect? At Clinic 54, they believe skin boosters – small injections similar to dermal fillers – are the ideal supplement to improve your skins condition, alongside laser treatments. Ageing skin naturally becomes thinner and more dull, so coupling your anti-wrinkle injections with treatments such as laser ensures that your wrinkles are not only minimised, but the overall quality of your skin is wholly improved. For those looking to nix those frown lines, Clinic 54 have some of the most qualified technicians on hand, to assist you in making the right decisions. For the best results, schedule in an appointment every 3-4 months to keep your appearance looking fresher, longer.


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CST Direct | Northgate

The simple, yet powerful belief that everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident in their own skin is the driving force behind CST Direct. Run by a team of women who are passionate about giving every patient their newfound confidence, CST Direct is making cosmetic treatments a comfortable experience and affordable to patients, which has been their foundation for their rapidly growing success over the past few years. The star-studded team behind this clinic are most renowned for their upper face anti-wrinkle treatment and jawline slimming injections. So, sit back and relax while you’re guided by expert hands in a bespoke and caring environment. Here you’ll experience the latest aesthetic technology and techniques, completely tailored to your individual goals. What really makes CST stand out? Their approach to making patients feel empowered by cosmetic injectables, and not afraid of them.

Indigo Aesthetics & Day Spa | Ashgrove

Whether you’re thinking about trying anti-wrinkle treatments for the first time, or have been in the game for a while, Indigo Aesthetics is worth a visit. This discreet, boutique injectable clinic are highly skilled, and can deliver results based on your preference. A fresh, rejuvenated appearance is possible when you enlist the right help! Offering anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, this spa will tailor a plan to suit your individual needs and wants. Be it a preventative sprinkle or total face transformation, their cosmetic nurses can make it happen, and are highly skilled in their craft. Using muscle relaxants, PDO threads, dermal filler, and skin boosters, they’re committing to ensuring every client walks away satisfied with their new look.

Injex Clinics | Aspley and Capalaba

Give your skin the refresh it needs, and be rewarded with results! A quick visit to Injex Clinics is all it takes to see a big difference in your appearance. The highly trained and qualified team have a passion for the industry, and place a strong emphasis on their customer focus, meaning you’ll feel relaxed, knowing you’re in capable and caring hands. From frown lines, forehead, crow’s feet and more, these technicians are skilled in delivering natural – but effective – looking results at seriously competitive prices. Their reputation for stellar results and customer service are some of the best in the business. Book an appointment and experience it for yourself!


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Medaco | Brisbane City

First established in 2018 by three very talented friends, the uber luxe boutique salon prides itself on empowering men and women through self-love, self-care, and preventative treatments. A small team of three, Medaco is ideal for those looking for an intimate service, time and time again. Once you step through the doors, you’ll be hooked. Offering a range of anti-wrinkle treatments including bunny lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and facial slimming, nothing is off limits for this power team. But the service doesn’t stop there, with post-treatment education offered with every appointment. Best of all, their introductory offer for all new clients is one you won’t want to pass on. And, while you’re there, treat yourself to an Aquagold facial – Medaco was the first to offer it in Brisbane!

Pearl Medispa | Chermside

The jewel in the cosmetic service’s crown, Pearl Medispa needs no introduction. Operating under the mantra of a pearl being a classic symbol of natural beauty and wisdom, the main fields of this science-based clinic are cosmetic injections and natural rejuvenations for anti-ageing with anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers. But they don’t stop there. Each doctor at Pearl Medispa also specialises in niche areas such as liquid facelifts, collagen-stimulating injections for rejuvenation of sun damage, and mesotherapy. Their newest and fastest-growing treatment? PDO threads: tiny floating threads inserted under your skin that stimulate new collagen and are longer-lasting. Meaning you’re looking at a 12-month top up! Among their cosmetic wizardry, Pearl Medispa has an in-house naturopath, Courtney White, a specialist in all things skin health, gut eating, and weight management. So, you know for a fact this clinic believes in the holistic approach that beauty starts from within – with a healthy gut.

SCinjectables | Greenslopes and Morningside

A solo practitioner who has been injecting since 2014, Su-en Chow has built a solid reputation in the industry as one of the best in Brisbane, not just for her skills and expertise, but her positive and welcoming attitude. With a firm belief that your happiness is her main priority, treatments at SCinjectables are so much more than just a transaction. To start, Su-en offers complimentary consultations, so you can talk one-on-one with her about your desires, without pressure. Though the most popular anti-wrinkle treatments are for frown lines, crow’s feet, and the forehead, did you know it can also be used to treat migraines and headaches, teeth grinding and tension in the jaw area, and excessive sweating in places like the underarms? Who knew! While anti-wrinkle treatments are effective, its Su-en’s belief that honesty is the best policy, and cosmetic injectors should set realistic expectations for their clients: these treatments, though effective, are not permanent, and in order to maintain great results, continual treatment is required.


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Skin Beautiful | Brisbane City

With years of experience at the helm of the beauty industry, Skin Beautiful have curated a brilliant collection of both traditional and technical treatments based on their clients’ needs. From medical grade Omnilux to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, vitamins, and peptide infusions, their skin treatments are seen as a journey rather than a race, to give you lasting results. Skin Beautiful are committed for the long-haul, with all their treatments completed in a course with a 4 – 6 week maintenance program to ensure the longevity of your best skin yet. With a hunger for knowledge and skin therapists who truly care, they stay relevant in today’s beauty world for the benefit of all their clients in the Skin Beautiful family.

The Brow and Skin Studio | Ashgrove

Not all anti-wrinkle treatments involve injectables, and at The Brow and Skin Studio, there are a multitude of ways to improve the appearance of your skin without getting jabbed. From radio frequency to LED light therapy and Cosmelan, you’ll find the right treatment to nix those fine lines and wrinkles. Their unique TriPollar and DMA technologies work simultaneously to give your skin immediate and long-term tightening, as well as volume to the face, while the LED light therapy treatment helps promote strong, healthy skin, targeting the dermis layer of the skin. Lastly, their Cosmelan treatment targets stubborn pigmentation, and aids in the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles for smoother, clearer skin. The Brow and Skin Studio are passionate about bringing your skin back to life, and can help you address any issues during your consultation. Salon owner Sherril Dalitz has a strong belief that great treatments bring great results. Love your skin and it will love you right back!

The Facial Hub | Hamilton

If you think all anti-wrinkle treatments involve chemicals, think again! At The Facial Hub, they use only natural, organic, and vegan products and treatments to help you achieve fresher, brighter, younger looking skin. From Cryoskin face and neck lift, to decolletage firming, IPL skin rejuvenation, and skin needling, all their treatments use the body’s natural processes to achieve results to either eliminate toxins or shatter the pigmentation in the skin. Keen to get rid of those deeper lines? Cryoskin uses cold temps to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Unlike injectables, these treatments work in conjunction with at-home skincare, and the team at The Facial Hub can help you discover what products are best to use between visits.

The Skin Lab | Brisbane City

Healthy, happy skin is the motto behind The Skin Lab, where anti-wrinkle treatments are performed daily to reveal refreshed, revitalised, natural-looking faces. With a strong focus on stimulating collagen, and treating and smoothing out frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines, the team at The Skin Lab can create anti-wrinkle treatment plans to tailor to each individual client every time. What’s more, they use skin needling, facials, LED and IPL in their bespoke treatment plans. Less is more for this team, who prefer to create natural looks, meaning you’ll still have movement necessary for expression. Best of all, the team are thorough in their consultation, and will sit down to plan out your future appointments, so you can work towards a goal that ensures you look fresher, longer.


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The Verve Lounge | Hamilton

It was only a matter of time for founder of The Verve Lounge, Feriel Ali, to create a space to share her knowledge of skin care and beauty after she noticed trends in the industry leaned towards addressinsg a problem, rather than preventing it. With over a decade of experience working with clients to address their individual skin concerns, Feriel and her skin health team at The Verve Lounge demonstrate unparalleled skills and experience with their proven clinical treatments, such as radio frequency skin tightening, skin regeneration, pigmentation removal, and so much more. Did we mention their location will make you feel like absolute royalty the moment you walk in? With exclusive lift access, their beauty lounge boasts elegance and empowerment – it represents everything beauty has to offer from inside-out.


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Artisan Aesthetic Clinics | Multiple locations

An artisan who can make your skin look like porcelain (don’t come for our rhyming)? Say no more! Artisan Aesthetic Clinics’ highly qualified team of dermal therapists, nurses, and doctors are absolute masters of their craft, and oh honey, does it show! Step inside this elegant, light-filled clinic and witness their state-of-the-art treatments in action. From their highly popular anti-wrinkle injections and dermal Filler, to their light therapies and body treatments, each methodical treatment helps reduce signs of ageing, while also providing tightening and plumping benefits to the skin. Artisan Aesthetic prides themselves on not being a ‘one size fits all’ clinic. Understanding that everyone’s skin and goals is different, their dedicated team of clinicians work with you to understand your goals before developing a personalised treatment plan to help you master the artistry… of you!

Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Studio | Multiple locations

Offering a full range of anti-wrinkle injections, Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Studio house all the right ingredients when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing them in the future. If you’re considering a treatment for the first time, it’s not as invasive as you may think! Their treatments are a non-surgical solution to fine lines and crepe paper-like skin with minimal to no downtime. The team love helping their clients reach their desired outcome, and that’s why they offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations with their cosmetic nurses. Through an in-depth discussion, they can develop personalised treatment plans and work to achieve your cosmetic goals together. They also offer Afterpay and ZIP Pay payment plans. Create your unique treatment plan and simply add it to your Afterpay or ZIP account!


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Article by Astrid Taemets

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