Beauty Round-Up: Brisbane’s Go-To Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Beauty Round-Up: Brisbane’s Go-To Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Turn back the hands of time!

By Georgie Murray | 26th September 2019

bGrowing older is a pretty wonderful thing. It means you have more memories to reminisce on, more mistakes for you to learn from, and more superannuation saved so you can say yes to having avocado added to your sandwich no matter the extra cost. But when getting older starts to catch up to your looks, you may want to hit pause, which is why we’ve rounded up Brisbane’s best anti-wrinkle treatments so you can tell the hands of time to take a hike!

Aesthetix | Auchenflower

For a look above the rest, head to the friendly and down-to-earth facial plastic surgery and cosmetic clinic that’s at the top of its game. The Botulinum Toxin Treatment used at Aesthetix involves injecting tiny amounts of Botulinum toxin Type A into a specific facial muscle causing a local relaxation to immobilise the underlying cause of unwanted lines and stop wrinkly expressions. It can be used to say “see you later” to lines between your eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose, squint lines or crows feet, forehead creases or muscle bands on the neck. The Botulinum toxin paralyses the muscle so it cannot contract, causing unwanted lines to gradually smooth from disuse and new creases are prevented from forming and what’s better is because of Aesthetix’s expert targeting, no other muscles are affected and your beautiful natural expression is maintained. Treatment only takes a few minute and there’s no down time – you just need to chat with experienced cosmetic dermatologist Dr Russell Hills and the amazing team at Aesthetix to embrace the youthful look in no time!


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Artisans | Multiple Locations

The latest aesthetic technology and techniques await at Artisan’s luxe clinics, all to help you look and feel your confident best. From cosmetic injectables, laser and light-based therapies to body treatments, their bespoke approach is medically led by a highly qualified team of dermal therapists, nurses and doctors. Their Botox is a great introductory anti-wrinkle treatment. In the hands of one of their experienced clinicians, the dose can be tailored to retain some movement, or to even modulate some aspects of facial expression so you can present “the best version of yourself” to everyone else!  It has a gradual onset over three to 14 days so the results won’t shock you, as you become used to what you see in the mirror with each new day. Most clients take on a subtle glow after their treatment, and Artisan will make a follow up call the next day to make sure you are loving your look. Their Botox isn’t addictive, but you may become hooked on looking and feeling fabulous!


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Brazilian Beauty | Multiple Locations

Wind back the clock with Brazilian Beauty’s innovative and modern treatments and products that will then allow you to age more subtly and gracefully than ever before. Book in for a free skin consultation with Brazilian Beauty’s professional skin therapists who will profile you using a skin scanner to determine which one of their top-notch treatments are best for you. LED Light Therapy promotes collagen production increases rate of skin cell renewal to greatly reduce wrinkles and create a more youthful radiant appearance. Their Mature Skin Peel is a fast, effective and affordable treatment that deeply exfoliates and regenerates collagen and elastin fibres. IPL Skin Rejuvenation promotes a natural boost in collagen and elastin to rejuvenate and firm, while Skin Needling is extremely effective in reducing the signs of ageing, softening fine lines and improving overall skin texture. The choice is all yours at Brazilian Beauty!


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Cosmetic Image Clinics | Multiple Locations

Cosmetic Image Clinics have always been a go-to for the best in the cosmetic realm, and have anti-wrinkle solutions to cater for all individual’s needs. The team at Cosmetic Image Clinics are trained by Dr Ingrid Tall, the absolute leader in anti-wrinkle treatments, and update their skills every year. First-time clients should try anti-wrinkle in the frown, forehead and crow’s feet, and treating these areas start from $499. Or, opt for their premium, long-lasting dermal fillers – a non-surgical face-lift to give you a youthful and natural look. With many options available, packages start from $999. Cosmetic Image Clinics is a distinguished Allergan Black Diamond Partner so you know they know what they’re doing, and with no downtime and no surgery, what’s not to love?


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Cosmétique | Herston

A leading Australian cosmetic medical and surgical clinic for a reason, Cosmétique can help you slow down the hands of time before they get too far. Their wrinkle relaxer treatments are becoming increasingly popular as the treatment of choice for first timers, as younger patients can get in on the action of the prophylactic benefits in early wrinkle relaxer treatments that prevent progressive signs of ageing. Following a consultation with a highly certified doctor and injector, treatment is performed with the best in the wrinkle relaxer biz’ as Cosmétique only use premium or ultra premium brands. All patients are reviewed two weeks after treatment and are provided with free top ups to ensure they reach their desired outcome. Patients are also charged per area rather than per unit so you will know your set price regardless how many units are required, and Cosmétique injectors will modify their technique and dosage to achieve the fresh-faced look you want.


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Esteem Medi Spa | Multiple Locations

With over two decades as a leader in the anti-ageing and cosmetic industry under their beauty belt, Esteem specialises in cosmetic injectables, skin treatments and laser services all tailored to you. Clients are their number one priority, so before any procedure they make sure to share their knowledge, expertise and experience in a complimentary consultation so you are well and truly informed. Their Total Face Rejuvenation is the perfect first-timer treatment and by sitting down with you to discuss your goals and concerns, they’ll work out a treatment plan to get you where you want to be. With four convenient locations across south-east Queensland, their clinics are designed to suit your every need, and all of their doctors, registered nurses and clinicians are trained by resident Plastic Surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp so no matter your age, stage or budget, you’ll be treated with the best.


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Herstellen | Spring Hill

Herstellen translates roughly to ‘’restore, repair, recover, and recuperate’’, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the highly trained team at this combined plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetic and dermal clinic. Guided by Principal Surgeon, Dr Justin Perron and his extensive experience in helping people achieve the aesthetic they want, the team at Herstellen have gained extensive knowledge in facial aesthetics and will be able to wipe of the years with their range of anti-wrinkle treatments. For a first timer, they recommend the Perfect Starter treatment of forehead and frown lines to create your desired look, and Dr Perron will be available to consult on your treatment to ensure you receive the very best results from your anti-wrinkle treatment. Their friendly staff will welcome you into a beautiful treatment space where you will be consulted in a professional, safe and immaculate environment so you can look and feel your best.


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Injex Clinics | Capalaba

The team at Injex are all over the latest and greatest anti-ageing treatments, so it’s a no brainer they provide the goods when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections. The in-house injectors are highly skilled and trained in advanced areas. Mix that with a welcoming and friendly environment and you’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated and looking younger than your years in no time. Their most popular treatment is the ‘Three Area Package’ with injections in the forehead, frown and crows feet. If you want additional areas, consult your therapist and add on an extra from just $30. Be rest assured the Injex family have you and your results as priority as they have no targets or commissions meaning no hidden agendas! Injections are in their name, so naturally you’ll be in safe hands!


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Wickham Terrace Dental | Brisbane

When you think of who can help you achieve the youthful look you crave, your dentist might not be your go-to, but once you see Dr Yee’s qualifications you’ll definitely change your mind. With an extensive education in facial physiology including its nerves, muscles and vascular system, Dr Yee is the obvious choice for injecting cosmetic muscle relaxants. By initially assessing your face, Dr Yee will carefully plan where each injection should be and ensure the injections are as painless as possible. He can smooth out deep grooves caused by the frequent folding of the skin to make a very noticeable difference to your smile and facial expressions. Dr Yee will also have a peek into your mouth to pick up any other nasty habits that could be causing further damage in the future prior to getting anti-wrinkle injections done!


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