Check Our Q&A With One Of Brisbane's Finest Orthodontists

Check Our Q&A With One Of Brisbane's Finest Orthodontists

Brace yourself

By Georgie Murray | 6th November 2019

The art and science behind creating beautiful smiles never gets old. No matter your age or previous orthodontic experience, there’s always a solution to prime your pearly whites. Dr Sep Tabatabaee, senior lecturer in orthodontics, leads the family-oriented clinic, Wired Orthodontics,  and knows that when you love your teeth, you’ll be all smiles. “When a patient decides they want braces, I congratulate them and tell them they will never regret making themselves happy,” he says.

Fixing your teeth isn’t only a cosmetic choice but can have a whole range of medical benefits too. “Crowding is the most common problem for patients and prevents proper access for brushing and flossing, which predisposes teeth to have cavity and gum issues,” Dr Sep says. Many people that come through don’t know whether they have a proper bite until Dr Sep and the team show them what they’ve been missing.


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Thanks to the latest in orthodontic technology, traditional braces aren’t your only option to get a smile you’ll never want to hide. “The introduction of clear braces and Invisalign have changed orthodontics for good dramatically,” Dr Sep explains. “With these technologies we can make treatments quicker, more comfortable and we require much less visits.”  This also means there are more options that are cost effective to improve your smile, gain self-confidence, improve the health of your gums and make oral hygiene easier.

Wired Orthodontics uses the latest technology including the i-Tero scanner so that patients can see how their teeth will look at the end of treatment in a matter of seconds. With four locations across Brisbane as well as interest-free and flexible payment options starting from $51 a week, their clinics have a treatment for every smile. Plus to celebrate this season of giving, Style readers will receive a $535 discount when they start treatment before Christmas.


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Let's chomp straight to the point - here's what went down in our chat with Dr Sep!

What are three words to describe Wired Orthodontics?
Modern , family oriented , world class  results

Put simply, how do you explain orthondontic treatment?
Art and science of creating beautiful smile along with proper bite

At what point does the medical need for orthondontic treatment change to cosmetic needs?
When a patient does have a good bite! It rarely happens as crowding (which is the most common problem for patients) prevents proper access for brushing and flossing and this by itself  predisposes teeth to have cavity and gum issues. Funnily enough, many don't know whether they have a proper bite or not . When we scan their mouth and show them the intended result, invariably, they understand what they have been missing.

If someone wants braces for cosmetic needs, what’s your advice? 
I congratulate them and tell them you will never regret making yourself happy. 
Creating a beautiful smile is something an orthodontist does for each and every patient.

What types of braces are there? 
Braces come in metal braces, cosmetic braces (clear braces) and Invisalign. Each has its own advantages and differences.

What are some reasons adult braces would be necessary?
To improve the smile and self confidence, to reduce chances of cavities, to improve health of gums (periodontal tissue) and to make oral hygiene easier. You would be surprised to see how many adult patients come to see us as they have not smiled for years as they didn't feel comfortable to show their teeth.

Are braces expensive?
It depends on the complexity of treatment, it may cost between $3,000 - $8,000 but we offer extended payment options starting $51 a week.

Other than braces, what can an Orthodontist assist with?
For growing kids (8-15 years old) we can change the position of jaws as we can use their growth to help them achieve a balanced face. For adults the aforementioned needs with the combination of braces and surgery to realign the jaws; we work closely with most experienced cosmetic surgeons for this matter. We are also able to help with breathing and snoring issues which normally require close collaboration with ENT specialists. 


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