12 of the Best Tanning Oils and Lotions for your Summer Glow

12 of the Best Tanning Oils and Lotions for your Summer Glow

Crush those fake tan fears.

By Brigitte Ferguson | 5th October 2017

So you want to make it look like you spend every day at the beach, or like you just came back from a luxe holiday on some island somewhere. With summer just around the corner, we’ve got all your tanning tips to ensure you’ve got a smooth, bronze glow all season long.

Please remember to tan safely. Tanning oils are used to attract the sun’s rays to your skin to make you tan faster, but be aware that these are not sunscreen substitutes - you can still burn with a tanning oil!

Bella Bronze Tan

Bella Bronze is a bit of a favourite of ours! In addition to doing some of the most beautiful spray tans available, they also stock a wide range of tanning products to help you get that perfect glow in between sprays. Their One Night Tan instant bronzer is the perfect fix for a bit of last minute bronzing, or to enhance your current spray tan. Enriched with avocado and rose hip oils, this moisturiser richly hydrates your skin while evenly bronzing. In addition to their One Night Tan, they also stock self-tanning mousses and professional tan solutions so you can ensure your perfect glow from home all year long.

Australian Skin Institute

The Australian Skin Institute HYDR8TAN Tan Extender is the best tool in your beauty arsenal! Made from natural and organic ingredients, the HYDR8TAN Tan Extender combines hydrating ingredients with the latest tanning technology to deliver a gentle colour life to your skin. The moisturiser can be used daily to build up the perfect tan, or added to compliment and extend the life of your existing tan. Enriched with aloe vera, jojobar oil, shea butter and vitamin A and E, this product will leave your skin highly nourished, tightened, and glowing. Australian Skin Institute products are stocked in all Brazilian Beauty Clinics, where they also provide HYDR8TAN professional spray tans for the ultimate summer glow. Hello, summer!


This subtle tanning lotion leaves your skin looking smooth and glowing. This product ensures you will look tanned no matter the season and you can wear those short shorts all year round.


St Tropez

Infused with Aloe Vera and collagen this lotion is guaranteed to leave you with soft supple skin all day and all night. Perfect for lighter skin tones this moisturizer doesn’t apply too much tan so you are left still looking natural and fooling your friends.

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The Fox Tan

This amino acid charged formula nourishes your skin while creating a rich, bronze tan faster than ever before. This vegan friendly oil ensures a completely natural tan that will fade naturally and not leave you with scaly skin.

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Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

This foam substitute applies smoothly and dries instantly, allowing you an easy application that feels moisturised and glowing for days! The tan develops in 2-3 hours and requires no wash off. Foaming tanners are best for people new to tanning. The bronzing formula makes it easy to see the spots missed during application.

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Loving Tan

This cult-favourite gives an all over glow that remains natural and gorgeous for several days. The three different shades - medium, dark and ultra-dark - have olive undertones ensuring that you look natural instead of orange. The express tan is great for girls in a rush because it develops in 2 hours.

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Model Co

This one is for you pale girls! This one-hour tan dries to a perfect natural finish that won’t give away your fake tan secrets. Leaving a nutty brown glow, this tan lasts around 6 days. Ensure you exfoliate beforehand and use a glove for the best application.

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Mine Tan

Their online tan selector helps you pick your perfect tan to ensure you have the exact look and glow you desire. The majority of these tans take one hour to develop and leaves you with a velvet bronze skin. The coconut water tans nourish your skin and combat any possible dry spots.

Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam

Applied with a light hand Bondi Sands can look natural, beautiful and leave you glowing like a bronze goddess. This lightweight self-tanning foam is a green base, meaning you don’t come out looking like an oompaloompa. This tan, when taken care of, lasts up to one week.

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Le Tan

The new range of tanners from Le Tan are perfect for all skin shades, with a variety of undertones available – including olive, violet and ash. These formulas will give you the best brown glow whilst still looking completely natural.

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Tanning Tips
1. Ensure you exfoliate well before applying a fresh tan so that you won’t have tan clinging to dry spots leaving you with a patchy looking tan.
2. Moisturize a tan to avoid flaking and to keep your skin looking healthy.
3. Use a tanning mitt - there’s nothing worse than orange hands, so do yourself a favour and use a tanning mitt and wash your hands well.
4. Apply in circular motions to avoid streaks and leave your tan looking natural.
5. Look for green, purple or ash based tans. Orange based tans will leave you looking… well, orange.

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