Best Eye Cream at Every Age

Best Eye Cream at Every Age

Because it’s the most sensitive skin on your face.

By Guest Styler | 19th April 2017

You might think that eye cream is a beauty step you can skip in your younger years, but dermatologists suggest that it’s never too early to start caring for your delicate eye area. Here is our guide to uncovering the best eye cream at every age.

In your teens

That lovely smooth skin around your eyes in your teenage years is worth looking after. Rather than worrying about anti-ageing properties, focus on creating good beauty habits (lots of water, and lots of SPF!). An eye cream with a light gel formula is best, as heavier creams may cause milia (tiny white bumps under the skin).

Try: Neutrogena HydroBoost Eye Roll-On

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In your 20s

Prevention is the key for this decade. You are probably more concerned with socialising than skincare, and your delicate eye area will show it. Look for a de-puffing formula that contains caffeine – this will soothe the effects of late nights spent partying (or studying).

Try: Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

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In your 30s

Collagen production starts to slow in your mid-20s, but it will become more obvious in your 30s – usually when you’re too busy juggling career and family commitments to notice. If you haven’t developed a solid eye cream routine by this age, don’t despair. By carefully introducing products containing retinol to your nightly line-up, you can start to keep any crow’s-feet at bay.

Try: ROC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream

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In your 40s

If your under-eye area is starting to look a little soft and crepe-like, you’re not alone. Your 40s tend to be characterised by drier skin, so look out for products containing hyaluronic acid for pumped-up hydration. Continued use of retinol products will help nix any pigmentation issues at this age.

Try: Eve Lom Eye Lift

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In your 50s and beyond

By this age, many women are comfortable with their established skincare routine, and they start researching ways to amplify any anti-ageing benefits. Make sure that you’re diligent about applying eye creams twice a day – a lighter formula containing SPF for the morning, and a richer cream containing active ingredients at night. Consider adding an under-eye mask to tighten up your eye area before a special occasion.

Try: Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment

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