The beauty industry is often associated with words such as cutting-edge and revolutionary, but just like most things, what goes around comes around and often old trends will resurface.

Over the years we have seen celebrities and everyday women follow beauty trends that, upon reflection, have been expressive, fabulous and occasionally, questionable.

We take a look at the beauty trends of yesteryear that are making a comeback.

Finger waves of the 1920s

The early 1920s hair trend of a short, sharp bob haircut gave rise to the finger wave hairstyle a few years later. This style is making a comeback this season, but with a twist. Instead of this style being restricted to those with short hair, we are seeing ladies that have long and short locks a-like rocking this do. Feminine and fun, we have no idea why it took almost a century to make a comeback!

The 1970s: Au Naturale

During the 1970s, the feminist movement not only challenged society, it also challenged the ideals associated with makeup and ultimately the beauty industry. And so, the au natural (aka: the no-makeup makeup look) was born. And we couldn’t be happier that this trend is back. Who doesn’t want an excuse for cutting their makeup routine in half?

90’s Glitter

Glitter was all the rage in the 1990s and its back baby! Don’t be discouraged by the dramatic glitter lips rocked by models on the Fendi and DKNY SS17 runways or sported by festival-goers at music festivals all around the world. Even if you take the glitter glam back a notch, your makeup will still be on-point and totally on trend! Anything from a simple glittery eyelid to a high gloss lip will suffice. So in the words of Jackie Gillies, shine, shine, shine!

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