Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life

Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life

Mix up your beauty regimen with these simple beauty hacks.

By Brittney Deguara | 6th October 2016

Putting on your face or perfecting your hair can be quite trying at times. We feel your pain. If only there were some corners we could cut to perfect that eyeliner or tame that frizz. Oh wait! There ARE!

If you’re sick of squiggling that eye pencil or having too many flyaways to put back into place, then we have you covered. Here are the beauty hacks you need. Your life is about to change.

1. Heat it up

If you have trouble drawing a straight line on the best of days, then chances are you’re going to be trying for a while. Heat up your pencil with a match or lighter. The point will immediately change to a thicker, softer consistency allowing for easy application and helping you nail that smoky eye look.

2. Stay with me

Remember the days when we could only dream of long-lasting lipstick? Now multiple brands have concocted colours that last for hours on end and no makeup bag is complete without one. Find the long-lasting lipstick for you and you won't even need beauty hacks to make it stay in place all day! Thanks, science!

3. Tape yourself

If you’re looking to nail that cat’s eye this weekend, then open that stationery draw. Line up a piece of sticky tape on a downward diagonal along the bottom of your eye. Draw your line using the tape as a guide to create the perfect wing. Tip: make sure you use the tape before applying base, bronzer or blush.

4. Wash it Away

Need to get rid of that pesky week-old tan? Then we have the remedy for you! Create a paste out of baking soda and water (and maybe throw in a little bit of lemon juice if you’re feeling adventurous) and scrub away.

5. Oily no more

If you didn’t have to time to wash your hair or just really can’t be bothered, one of the best beauty hacks is to spray dry shampoo before you go to bed. This will absorb all of the excess oil and sweat, making your hair more bearable in the morning.

6. Shop easy

If you’re on the hunt for a new foundation and aren’t sure of the best shade, apply a little bit to the inside of your wrist. If the colour blends nicely on your wrist, it will blend nicely on your face.

7. Voluminous lashes

Want vibrant lashes without the hassle of potentially gluing your eyes together? Then just apply mascara to both sides of your lashes to make them look fuller.

8. No more wispy bits

To stop those pesky flyaway hairs from doing your head in, pull out that tub of Vaseline. Use your hands or a toothbrush to tame them and smooth your hair out.

9. Pop your eyes

Make your eyes pop by adding a dab of a light coloured shimmer eyeshadow. This will open up your face and give the illusion of wider eyes.

10. Thicker hair

Sick of that thin hair dilemma? Fill in your part with eye shadow (that matches your hair colour, of course) to give the illusion of thicker hair.

11. Nail Art

Manicures made easy! These one-of-a-kind nail wraps (made out of durable materials) can last up to two weeks on your fingers and four weeks on your toes. You can apply these wraps at home with a fast and effective finished look with no smudges or streaks.

12. Eliminate Eyebrows

To avoid wincing every time you pluck your brows, do it after you get out of the shower. Your pores are wider thanks to all that gorgeous steam, which will make the whole process a lot less painful.

13. Fix the cracks

If you’re prone to dropping and breaking your powder, bronzer and blush every week, there’s a solution! Add a small amount of rubbing powder or water to the damaged area and pat down firmly to stiffen.


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Article by Brittney Deguara

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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