In this busy modern world, time is, without question, of the essence. Most of us rely on caffeine and adrenaline to carry us through the day. We have deadlines to meet. We have places to be. We have lives to live. In an attempt to jam-pack as much of our endless to-do list into each day, we often end up hitting the hay a lot later than we should be. Since 45% of our nation already has poor sleep habits, it’s important to get in as much shut eye as we can to help alleviate this statistic. To help you catch as many Z’s as possible, we have created a tried and tested morning beauty hack list that is going to cut down your getting ready time by at least 20 minutes.

Eyelash Enhancements

Eyelash enhancements are currently trending in the beauty world for great reason. With eyelash extensions, tints and perms available, you can now ditch the eye makeup in the mornings and save yourself at least 5 minutes. Just think about how many times you have you poked yourself in the eye with your mascara wand only to end up with black smudges everywhere. By the time you clean up the mess, you’ve lost valuable time!

Time saved: 4 minutes.


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Get Multi-Tasking

Who doesn’t love a 3-in-1 product? Multi-tasking products are another simple trick to cutting down the time it takes you to get ready. Using one product that does it all is so much easier than fumbling around in your beauty bag searching for your separate blush, bronzer and lipstick. Creamy products that come in a stick form are not only user-friendly, but can often be used for just about any purpose. If you own the correct shade for your features, it can be used as your cheek colour, lipstick and eyeshadow!

Time saved: 3+ minutes.


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Ditch The Heat

If you scroll through Pinterest or Instagram right now, there’s a high chance you will come across images of trendy hair clips and accessories. So, take advantage of this trend and ditch time-consuming heat styling! By ditching the tongs in favour for a cute tortoiseshell hair clip or velvet scrunchie, your hair will not only thank you, but you will be able to sleep in for a few extra minutes.

Time saved: 7+ minutes.


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Beauty Sponges

There is a pre-conceived idea that the quickest way to apply your foundation/BB cream/CC cream/tinted moisturiser is with your hands. While using your hands will apply your product in a relatively speedy fashion, it can leave your base looking a little streaky and unblended at times. Our advice? Invest in a beauty sponge. From experience, using a sponge will apply your base products in a jiffy and leave you with a super smooth and flawless-looking finish.

Time saved: 2 minutes.


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Tinted Brow Gel

Unless you are lucky enough to be Brooke Shields, or at least have brows like hers, you might feel like you need to run a little something through your eyebrows from time to time. Using pencils and powders gives us sharp and defined eyebrows, but doing this isn’t always the most efficient use of time. By using a tinted brow gel, you will be giving your brows some colour and definition in one simple and prompt step.

Time saved: 2 minutes.


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Add A Splash Of Colour

If you are planning on sleeping in as long as you ultimately can, the quickest and easiest way to look put together is by popping on a bold lip. Rocking a vibrant matte red or glossy pink hue is a sure-fire way to faux putting in the effort – plus, it’s a scientific fact that bold colours help to give us a confidence boost. Who doesn’t want that?

Time saved: 2+ minutes.


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