The Beauty Hacks Helping Us Roll Out of Bed Ready

The Beauty Hacks Helping Us Roll Out of Bed Ready

Lazy girls, rejoice!

By Candice Jackson | 1st June 2016

Mornings are hard. We know it. You know it. Even this cute cat knows it.

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If, like me, you favour the occasional frequent use of the snooze option on your morning alarm, you probably rate your sleep above most things, rely on that morning coffee and would happily forgo morning tasks for more ZZZs in your cosy bed.

This is a judgement-free zone. If you’ve ever skipped a well-balanced breakfast, decided ironing isn’t totally necessary or chosen not to apply makeup just so you could be on time to work or that friendly catch-up, I hear you.

AND I’ve put together a few helpful beauty hacks for a true, no filter #wokeuplikethis look. Say goodbye to spending hours primping in front of the mirror. Some people have even described these beauty hacks as life-changing. I won’t argue with that assessment; time once spent in front of the mirror can now be spent curled up in bed. Lazy girls, rejoice!

1. Sleep On Silk

A modern-day beauty sleep starts with silk pillowcases and eye masks. The natural silk fibres hold in moisture and keep your face and hair naturally hydrated while you sleep. You can say goodbye to facial creasing, fine lines and split-ends in the morning.

2. Keep Your Brow Game Strong

Untidy brows might cut it when you spend time on makeup and colouring in, but when you’re forgoing the whole beauty regimen for more ZZZs it helps to have strong brows. When you get a professional brow colour or tint with a proper (and amazing) brow shape, you’ll feel confident to go makeup-free without worrying if your co-worker is virtually plucking your monobrow with her eyes.

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Image: Giphy

3. Use Overnight Creams

Treat your skin to some beauty therapy while you sleep and reap the benefits of fresh, dewy and youthful skin in the morning. Whether it’s to reduce puffiness under the eyes or to hydrate dry skin in winter, overnight creams can do wonders for your beauty regimen (or lack thereof).

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Image: Giphy

4. Open Your Eyes

If you’ve reached for that snooze button a few times, chances are you’ll be groggy until you get that morning coffee. However, if you get a lash lift or lash extensions, your eyes will look SUPER open and you’ll be able to fool everyone into thinking that you got enough sleep the night before. They might even compliment you on your new mascara. Lies. You skipped the mascara and you’ll keep doing so until those lash treatments wear off.

5. Use Dry Shampoo

If you’re a lazy girl, you and dry shampoo go way back. True BFFs to the end. Dry shampoo will always be there for you when you don’t have time to wash your hair and need it to last just one more day. And if that fails, you can always wear a hat. Hats are cool.

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Image: Giphy

6. Get It Tattooed

Eyeliner is tricky, and sometimes you can apply and re-apply a million times before realising you’re late and your life is one hot mess. Again. Oops. If you can bear the idea, there’s always the option to get that perfect eyeliner tattooed on. Once it’s done, you’ll never have to fret in front of the mirror again.

7. Do Your Hair Before Bed

If you’re more of a night person, you might as well fit in as much of your morning routine as you can before bed, right? It helps to pick your outfit and pack your bag but you can also totally prep your locks for the day ahead, too! Putting some curls into your hair before hitting the hay can give you glamorous and effortless-looking beach waves come morning.

… and for those times you HAVE to get out of bed, here’s how to get ready a little quicker:

8. Invest In Products With Multiple Uses

Not only will this make multi-tasking a breeze, it will also remove the effort of finding certain products from a growing pile of cosmetics in your makeup bag, or alternating between brush sets for different products. Products that can be an eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter at the same time, or double as a blush and lipstick are the lazy girl’s beauty gold.

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Image: Giphy

9. Use A Blow Dryer… On Your Face

Who wants to wait for primer or foundation to dry? Who has the TIME? Not you. To help you set primers or foundation faster (and still effectively for beauty purposes), use a blow dryer on the COOL setting. REPEAT: COOL setting!


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