A makeup remover that wipes away the competition

A makeup remover that wipes away the competition

STYLE TRIAL: Forget rubbing to remove makeup; this Dermalogica product makes even the heavy smoky eye a breeze to remove.

By Candice Jackson | 24th February 2016

I'm willing to spend 15 minutes to an hour in front of a mirror to apply the perfect face of makeup, but come the end of the night we want this stuff off in less than five minutes. Or is that just me? In an attempt to cut down on my makeup removal time for good, I reviewed Dermalogica’s new Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover.

It may be important to take all of our makeup off before bed, but I’m definitely guilty of a) forgoing the entire task altogether because I’m too exhausted for such a time-consuming act; b) attempting with wipes or cotton swabs that become less and less effective until I give up with a “this'll do” attitude; and c) wiping my face furiously in a rabid attempt to get ALL the eye makeup off and ending up with red, irritated skin.

The secret to removing everything effectively is to find the right makeup remover for you. I’ve tried makeup removal wipes and water- and oil-based formulas but I often feel like there’s a small trace of mascara or a smoky eyeliner smudge left behind.

So here goes… I doll myself up with some foundation and heavy eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, find that selfie stick (I knew it would come in handy eventually!) and get a weird look from my male housemate.

full face of makeup, eye makeup, makeup remover, style trial

Step 1: full face of makeup.

Now it’s time for the moment everyone (or just my housemate, who’s now watching me from the couch) has been waiting for. I squeeze the Dermalogica bottle and it comes out as a clear blob on my circular makeup removal cotton swabs. Here goes nothing. I raise it to my eye, press it down and drag it along in one dramatic swipe, like they do in makeup removal ads because clearly those girls know what’s up.

eye makeup removal, style trial, beauty

Step 2: Prepare for one firm wipe of the eyelid.

I look down at the wipe, which is pretty dirty, and then take a look at my eye. It’s almost as clean as before I put my makeup on. I only needed two more very minimal wipes on areas I didn’t catch in the first drag and it’s done.

eye makeup removal, style trial, beauty

Step 3: Remove all eye makeup

The clear gel is completely oil-free, S.D. alcohol-free and water-soluble, and it has left my eyes feeling soothed and fresh – no redness, irritation or burning like I would normally get from using multiple makeup wipes.

Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours and including silk amino acids, the product has been made to protect the delicate eyelid and under-eye areas. I wasn’t really sure what any of that meant when I read it on the bottle, but it felt good and it took me under a minute to remove all traces of eye makeup.

It was refreshing not to scrub and pull at my skin to remove all traces of makeup, especially since I know that that can speed up the aging process, and who wants that?!

But I couldn’t let the trial end there. I’ve since upped the ante on my makeup application and used the product after wearing it for a whole day, or a whole night, or even after I have lightly sprayed my face with hairspray to hold the look (please tell me other people do this?) and I can say it worked all the same! Even waterproof mascara and caked-on cosmetics were no match for this product.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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