9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

It'll make everyone's life a lot easier.

By Kiri Johnston | 6th May 2016

Getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist is one of the easiest ways to instantly feel 10 times better for your special event. They can help you can avoid all of the stress (and the potential disaster) of trying every trick you’ve learnt from YouTube and keep you looking effortlessly glamorous.

As a former makeup artist, I’ve put together a few tips that will help make you look better and make your makeup artist’s life a lot easier.

1. Prepare your skin

A week before your special event, treat yourself to a facial. At home, at your favourite salon – it doesn’t really matter. But we’re talking a double cleanse, exfoliator, face mask, toner and moisturiser. Every day leading up to the event, make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise so that your skin is in perfect condition. Taking these small steps will ensure that your makeup will have that smooth glow that you’ve always wanted.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

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2. Be on time

Makeup artists usually have back-to-back appointments booked and it can really throw everything out of whack if one person shows up late. PLUS, getting there late could mean you don’t get your whole face done, or you could miss out on your appointment altogether. Make sure you leave home with more than enough time to get to your appointment and take into account any possible traffic or parking issues. DON’T just skip your appointment. If you can’t make it, call your makeup artist ASAP so that they can give your appointment to someone else.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew, late, running late, nobody got time

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3. Don’t come with a full face of makeup

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without foundation then that’s fine. Just remember that your makeup artist will have to remove it before they can start. If you rock up with a full face of makeup, it can really cut into your session. It’s best to come with a fresh, clean face as your makeup will slide on much easier.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

FYI, it will never be this easy. Image: Giphy

4. Bathe

No, seriously. There’s nothing worse than having to be really close to someone when they have terrible breath or bad body odour. Showering before your appointment is only polite, especially if you’ve been drinking the night before.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew, bathe, smell, gross

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5. Know what you want

Find some photos of the look you’re trying to achieve. In this respect, Pinterest is your new best friend. If you aren’t completely sure, bring a photo of your outfit and your makeup artist can figure out a look that will best suit you based on your skin tone, outfit and jewellery colour.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

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6. Let them know about allergies/skin conditions

Your makeup artist should ask you about these but if they forget, make sure they know about any allergies or skin conditions that can be irritated by makeup products. It’s also a good idea to let them know if your skin is quite sensitive or if you’re on any medications that dry out your skin.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

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7. Put your phone down

We understand that texting your friends and browsing social media can be addictive, but don’t do it during your appointment. Trust me, your makeup artist will appreciate it. We want your makeup to be as perfect as possible so sometimes you’ll have to listen to instructions. You can’t do that if you’re not paying attention.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

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8. Speak up

If you’re not happy about something, tell your makeup artist so they can fix it. Some things may not look as you expected halfway through a makeover but it never hurts to ask.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

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9. Be realistic

If you don’t naturally look like Kylie Jenner or Miranda Kerr, you aren’t going to leave looking like them. Everyone is uniquely beautiful – keep in mind that makeup is meant to enhance your looks, not change them.

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

Image: Giphy

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