With a little help from the many lip kits, glosses and sticks that have made their way into our everyday makeup bag, there is no denying that our smile game has stepped up a notch. But with our crazy coloured lips only accounting for half of our smile, it’s important not to forget to take care of our pearly whites. Because, let’s face it, not even a Kylie Jenner lip kit could hide yellowing teeth.

With so many different teeth whitening treatments on the market these days, it’s hard to decide what option will give you the best results. We had a chat with Dr Hieu Le at le tooth to find out everything you need to know about teeth whitening to keep our smiles shining this summer.

Does teeth whitening cause damage?
Supervised, professional teeth whitening by your dentist ensures that the health of your enamel is never compromised. Supermarket take-home products and whitening systems purchased online, however, can potentially be damaging to your teeth, especially when the health of your teeth has not been examined by a dentist.

Do supermarket teeth whitening products work?
Supermarket whitening products are not suitable for everyone. The cause of discolouration may differ from one individual to another and the active ingredient in these off-the-shelf products have limitations. Often customers fail to follow instructions correctly which can actually lead to negative effects.

What is a common misconception about teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening under the supervision of a dental health practitioner is very safe and effective. Instant teeth whitening can be achieved within an hour with amazing results – up to 8 shades whiter.

Are there any tricks to keeping your teeth white?
Avoid smoking, coffee and tea where possible. Ensure you regularly visit your dentist for preventative care and your professional clean.

What do you think of the trending at-home teeth whitening treatments such as charcoal toothpaste and UV light? Is there any science to back these up?
Often, whitening toothpaste contains very abrasive ingredients which can cause severe sensitivity to your teeth, and portable light activated devices act only as gimmicks to the whitening process. Unfortunately, these devices have limited research to back their promised results and consumers are often left disappointed.

With your clients, what are the main requests you receive?
Our patients are very educated at le tooth and only want the best outcome for their dental health. We only offer safe and effective tooth whitening systems including Philips Zoom in-chair and customised take-home whitening systems – all with guaranteed results.

What can I do to assist my teeth whitening?
Increasing your daily water intake will ensure your mouth is hydrated and any stains consumed with food is naturally washed away with water.

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