7 Skincare Tips for the Hangover Season

7 Skincare Tips for the Hangover Season

Look fresh as a daisy when you’re feeling six feet under.

By Eveline Fielding | 14th December 2015

Here comes the festive season, and there goes drinking within reason. With Christmas parties, get-togethers and New Year’s, holiday cheer is replaced by holiday beers! Okay, I’ll stop rhyming now.

Is it humanly possibly to look beautiful and fresh-faced when there are Christmas party cocktails, mimosas with your Christmas Day lunch, cold beers on Boxing Day and everything but the kitchen sink on New Year’s Eve to contend with?

As much fun as this constant celebrating can be, getting repeatedly, ahem, “jolly” on sangria isn’t exactly a Christmas joy for your skincare regimen. Alcohol wreaks more havoc on your skin than the Grinch on Christmas, making your eyes dark and puffy, emitting general grossness from your pores and drying it out more than an international plane ride.

The solution? Stop drinking… just kidding! Instead, we’ve got seven skincare tips to keep you looking fresh throughout the hangover holiday season.

1. Water, water, everywhere

We’re sure you’ve heard this a thousand times in your quest for the best hangover cure, but with any drinking woe, water is key – and not just to flush out that pounding headache. Drinking water before and after you consume alcohol (and a few glasses between top-ups) is the best way to prevent inevitable skin-ruining dehydration.

By drinking coconut water or adding a pinch of salt to your water bottle, you also boost those handy electrolytes to help keep you functional post-night out. Popping an aspirin with yet another glass of water before bed will ease your morning-after headache, as well as skin inflammation and puffiness.

2. Get ahead of the breakouts

We’re sure that you’re vigilant with your makeup removal, cleansing and moisturising regimen (right?), but it’s even more important when you’re returning home from a night out.

Yes, we understand that a load of Christmas cocktails and candy canes can make this a challenge. But since your skin is already undergoing a battle against alcohol, you might as well give it a little extra help. Cleanse to prevent makeup and sweat blocking your pores, and moisturise to combat dryness and premature aging. Often on a hot, humid, sweaty night out, it’s best to cleanse twice; once for makeup and once for general dirt and sweat.

3. Shower time!

Remember what we said about water? A healthy hot shower before you go to bed has a bevy of benefits, including externally rehydrating your skin, opening up and cleansing pores and even sweating out toxins from alcohol. Take that, hangover skin!

A post-drinking shower (and maybe another one in the morning) is also the perfect opportunity to exfoliate. Using a scrub or dry brush all over your body is a great way to increase blood circulation, brighten up your complexion and expel that alcohol from your system faster.

4. Mask your pain

When you wake up with a dry mouth, a pounding head and even the smallest movement making you queasy, there’s nothing more soothing than applying a moisturising mask while watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

With anti-aging benefits to boot, Priceline, Terry White Chemists and Sephora offer a diverse range of masks to wear for five to 10 minutes in the morning, with cucumber slices over your eyelids as the perfect accessory.

You can even adopt the celebrity/serial killer look with a sheet face mask such as the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask. Simply unfold from the packaging, gently settle on to your face and terrify anyone who has the misfortune to encounter you.
If you really want to be proactive when it comes to your complexion, why not opt for a night cream to deeply moisturise and rejuvenate your skin as you sleep? Note: this technique may be too advanced for those of us who think taking our makeup off after a night out is a huge achievement.

5. Get oily

Beauty oils are another product that can help you fight the hangover hag look, solving problems such as dryness and dehydration, irritation, uneven skin tone, diminished complexion and aging. There’s a huge range to choose from, so don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Beauty oils can even help you replenish depleted vitamins such as Vitamin C, which stimulates the liver to break down alcohol. The Little Alchemist Ultra C Radiance Serum is a great daily treatment rich in Vitamin C to keep you fresh-faced and fabulous.

6. Fix those bags

Puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles are some of the cruellest gifts the hangover season can give after an onslaught of soirees. How does one politely reject this gift? Keep cool and carry on. Whether it’s a chilled spoon, cucumber or potato slices, frozen peas wrapped in a towel or a Body Shop eye mask, your tired little eyes will thank you for the soothing, cool relief that is sure to reduce puffiness and refresh your skin.
Don’t hold back from exploring the huge range of eye creams, patches and gels out there to firm, soothe, smoothe and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes.

7. Hide the evidence

Finally, if you’re really keen to seal the deal and hide all evidence of the atrocities alcohol inflicted on your skin, piling on the makeup is a dead giveaway. Instead, go for a lighter, more natural coverage to let your skin breathe and work through its alcohol-related problems (which of course have nothing to do with you).

Try using a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with some subtle bronzer around the perimeter of your face, along with some subtle dabs of blush on the cheekbones to combat the pallor. When it comes to eye makeup, stay light and neutral so as to avoid accentuating dark shadows under the eyes.

Now the only way people will be able to tell you’re hungover is by your cold, quiet manner, your irritability, your aversion to bright light and your projectile vomiting. Merry Christmas!

If you need some extra help coping with the hangover holiday season, hit up these cafés for some much-needed nourishment.

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