7 Daiso Beauty Products You Need to Try

7 Daiso Beauty Products You Need to Try

Cheaper than a trip to Tokyo.

By Eliza Crisp | 19th April 2017

I am an absolute die-hard fan of Daiso. The Japanese discount store where almost everything is priced at an eye-popping $2.80 is my spiritual homeland, and Daiso beauty products are my soulmates.

If you’re laughing at the thought of cheap beauty products being worth your time, strap yourself in. When we’re done, you’ll want to hightail it to the nearest Daiso and arm yourself with a basket. Here are the seven Daiso beauty products you need to try.


Silicone Face Mask Cover

By now, you’ve probably experimented with sheet masks. Name your skin ailment, and there is probably a mask that can fix it. There’s just one tiny problem: the masks never stick to your face properly, and when you bend forward to drink your tea (wine), the whole thing slides into your lap. Distressing.

Cue Daiso's handy silicone face mask cover. It sits snugly over your mask, and hooks gently behind your ears. It’s washable, reusable, and it sure makes the whole process more Zen.

Pore Cleaner Tool

We may be too embarrassed to admit it, but cleaning our pores is one of life’s simple pleasures. After YouTube legend Dr Sandra Lee (aka Dr Pimple Popper) started selling a similar extractor tool, I discovered one of these products is available at Daiso!

It looks innocent enough - a tiny metal stick with loops at the end. Wielded effectively, though, this baby will change your visage. A word of warning here: start with a clean face, and sanitise your tools regularly. Apart from that, go forth and prosper.

Clear brow gel

I’m yet to discover exactly why, but combing your eyebrows has to be one of the most underrated beauty habits. And since the Glossier Boy Brow is still unavailable in Australia (*sobs*), I’ve been hunting locally for a non-sticky, budge-proof brow gel.

Daiso's budget-friendly option hits the mark. The clear formula is perfect for the “no-makeup” makeup look, fanning out brows, and coaxing those little sprouts in the centre to sit flat. Using one of these products also seems to perceptibly thicken the brow, and makes them super smooth. When I wear I this, I can’t stop stroking my eyebrows (which draws a crowd, let me tell you).

Foot mask

My friends are threatening to stop talking to me because I keep forcing weird Daiso beauty products on them. The brand's simple foot mask, however, has been branded a winner.

The instructions are simple: open the little plastic baggies, slip your feet in, seal the stickers at the top, and sit back and relax. You will be couch-bound for 20 minutes, so keep snacks within arm’s reach.


The false lash section at Daiso is extensive. I was dazzled by the selection, and spent a good 10 minutes (and several breathless Google searches) choosing my favourites.

The set I chose came with glue - very important. After curling my lashes and applying mascara, I snipped them in half (hey, at this price point, you can afford to experiment), and carefully placed them on my lid with tweezers.

Another few pumps with the lash curler and they were set. Did I look a little done-up for 9am in the morning? Yes. Did I stare at myself in wonder in the mirror for 10 minutes? Also yes.

Cotton buds

Do you finish your morning makeup routine by sucking a cotton bud and cleaning away any stray mascara around your eyes? OK, well you need to stop that. You are effectively licking your own face. And it’s probably not the best, hygiene-wise.

The cotton buds you can find at Daiso are pure genius: they are available pre-moistened and individually wrapped. How did we survive this long without them? Very addictive, and useful in many strange ways. Buy in bulk.

Foot patches

Oh boy, this one is bizarre, and I’m totally here for it. You stick what APPEARS to be giant teabags to the soles of your feet (stay with me here), pop on some socks, then go to sleep.

Once you wake up in the morning, take off your socks, peel off the patches, and… well, you’ll see. Hey, I’m no scientist, and it MAY just be a placebo effect but the patches do things that I cannot explain. It’s amazing. Just give them a try.

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Article by Eliza Crisp

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