Our Editors Agree: These Are The 5 Skincare Products You Need In 2018

Our Editors Agree: These Are The 5 Skincare Products You Need In 2018

We'll take them all.

By Siobhan Taylor | 25th January 2018

When it comes to finding Holy Grail skincare products that pull their weight, it can be hard to determine the MVP’s from the heel-draggers. But, as they say, a change can be as refreshing as a holiday. Since we’ve just got back from a truly indulgent and relaxing Christmas break, now is the perfect time to reassess our skincare routine and see how we can mix things up in the New Year. So, behold: the five skincare products you need to add to your beauty arsenal in 2018!
If there’s one thing that we will always add to our shopping cart (whether we’re perusing the aisles of Mecca or digitally scoping out our favourite brands), it’s a sheet mask. I mean, haven’t we talked time and time again about how they are the make-or-break item of any skincare routine?

This year, we’re reaching for something with a little more star-power, thanks to an endorsement from none other than the queen of skincare, Lara Worthington. As the genius behind her own skincare line, The Base, as well as being blessed with a glowing complexion, this skincare guru knows a thing or two about nurturing your skin. So, when she shared Verso’s Intense Facial Mask on her Instagram story our interest obviously piqued…

This gel-style sheet mask is infused with retinol (for those not in the know, it’s famous for stimulating new skin cell production, helping to fight against ageing and skin breakouts) as well as ceramide-3, which hydrates and plumps skin. For a Laraesque glow and ultra-hydrated skin, add this to your shopping cart ASAP.


Verso Intense Facial Mask, $110

I cannot for the life of me understand why Zoë Foster Blake hasn’t been announced as a national treasure yet? As far as I am concerned, she is a g*ddamn blessing that deserves her very own public holiday. Anyway, that’s an aside. What we’re really here for is a product from her skincare line, Go-To Skincare, which will be your face hero in 2018. Seriously, the product is actually called Face Hero.

If you aren’t already using a serum, please refer here as to why you need to reconsider this decision. Serums are the pièce de résistance of any good skincare routine as you can tailor it to target whatever skin concern you have. If you’re looking for a team player you can use every day, you should add Face Hero to your beauty arsenal. This terrific serum deserves a pay rise because she has been putting in some serious overtime lately. Full of delish ingredients such as jojoba, macadamia, and evening primrose oil, as well as vitamin E and dreamy orange blossom and rose gardenia, Face Hero has all the nutrients your skin needs for a pick me up. It’s lightweight enough to use every single day as a booster, but it’s powerful enough to deeply hydrate, protect and revitalise.

P.S In case you missed it, I’m obsessed with Zo (that’s my nickname for her). If anyone knows her, tell her to hit me up.


Go-To Skincare Face Hero, $45


Okay, we hear you loud and clear. Removing your makeup is the worst part of your day, and hey, we’re right there with you. Whether you’ve been hard at work all day or winding down after date night (or maybe you’ve spent the last five hours on the sofa – whatever), having to then cleanse the day away can be anything but relaxing.

But, this year we are turning the tables and looking forward to this part of our skincare routine with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. How? Because, thanks to Charlotte Tilbury (AKA the Godmother of Beauty), we’ve got our hands on a game-changing cleanser: the Multi-Miracle Glow. Part mask, part cleanser, part balm, this 3-in-1 miracle work results in visibly brighter and softer skin. It’s full of nourishing goodness such as vitamin A, C and E, as well as rosehip, camellia and sea buckthorn seed oil. While that might all sound like some cosmetic mumbo-jumbo, it translates into enhanced skin cell renewal, ultra hydration, and a luminous glow. All this while melting your makeup for an easy-peasy evening cleanse? Oh Charlotte, you treat us well.


Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow, $80

You might not realise it, but when you’re sleeping (and dreaming about Zac Efron… or is that just us?) your skin is busy on overdrive, repairing itself from the damage it deals with every day (yeah, we aren’t kidding. You can blame the sun and environmental pollutants for that). Your blood vessels widen, increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your skin to help with this repairing. And, while your skincare routine that you implement in the evening is vital in keeping your skin ship-shape, you might not have thought about how an overnight treatment can help keep your skin glowing and fresh.

Australian Skin Institute’s Rejuvenating Night Treatment is the ultimate way to level up your skincare routine this year. Packed full of restorative Vitamin C, soothing Vitamin B3, and rejuvenating Vitamin A, it combines a whole lotta good stuff for a simple, quick overnight treatment. It boosts collagen and elastin production as you sleep, for plump skin with reduced fine lines, while actively targeting and smoothing skin blemishes. Hallelujah. Simply apply before bed, and then sleep easy knowing that it’s putting in all the hard yards while you dream away.


Australian Skin Institute Rejuvenating Night Treatment


We’ve heard it a million times before, from beauty bloggers and knowing-grandmothers alike, but if there’s one thing we really should be doing every single day (other than manifesting self-love – obviously) it’s moisturising. Every day, morning and night, and even in-between if you can.

This year we are kicking things up a notch with the buzziest ingredient in skincare right now: hyaluronic acid. If you don’t know what this is, please let us fill you in. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring molecule in human skin and connective tissue. It’s vital in cultivating a soft, firm, and hydrated complexion, due to its unmatched ability to hold large amounts of moisture. Almost every type of skin can benefit from hyaluronic acid, because it lends its superhuman strength to nurturing your healthiest, plumpest, most glowing skin.

Tarte’s Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturiser is a cult-favourite, with 639 5-star reviews on Tarte’s website alone! Its unique gel formula is packed with hyaluronic acid, algae and squalene (sounds gross – is actually amazing) which leaves skin feeling bouncy and hydrated. While the gel formula might sound off-putting, it’s actually incredibly light and leaves skin feeling fresh, balanced and nourished.

Oh, and it’s vegan. Score!


Tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturiser, $58


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Feature image: Go-To Skincare
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