5 Rules Groomed Men Swear By

5 Rules Groomed Men Swear By

Sorry gents, facial hair does not equal a lazy shaving routine!

By Guest Styler | 17th August 2016

Once upon a time it was frowned upon for a man to spend as much time in the bathroom as his lady. But the manscaping trend has totally flipped this worn-out notion on its head! Never have we valued men’s grooming as much as we do now, I mean, who doesn’t love a fashionably stubbled man, right?

So listen up boys, if you aren’t already paying your facial hair a little TLC then now is the time to start!

Unlike most women’s grooming regimens, a man’s can be super simple and quick. Forget fidgety gadgets that you have no idea how to use or spending loads of money on products that don’t work – there are secret tips and tricks to getting super-hunky facial hair in no time.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the dirty work and uncovered the top five rules that impeccably groomed men swear by. All you have to do is follow suit.

Be Your Barber’s Best Friend

Hair appointments aren’t just for chicks. The key to keeping your whole look on point is to book in for regular touch-ups. Groomed men swear by having haircuts every four weeks in order to avoid that overgrown, shaggy look. Make the process easy by befriending your local barber and always book your next appointment on the spot.

Manage Your Facial Fuzz

Facial hair is one of the biggest male grooming trends of 2016. But don’t think that having facial hair equals a lazy shaving routine. Nuh-uh! In fact, it’s the total opposite. Well-groomed men with subtle stubble are committed to managing the fuzz with regular maintenance at home. For this, you’ll need a beard trimmer. You don’t need to spend loads of money, just buy one and get into the habit of weekly tidy-ups.

Scrub Your Face

Time to lather and rinse! If you don’t look after your skin it’s fair to assume your hair won’t look as good. That’s why facial cleansing products are a must-have. Men with perfect hair swear by an all-in-one shampoo and body wash that cleanses both the scalp and skin. Not only does this make the process easier but it cuts down the cost of grooming products.

Ease Up on the Cologne

Ease up, dude. Don’t spray so much cologne that you choke the poor person sitting next to you in the boardroom meeting. The key to fragrance is to entice, not overwhelm. Although investing in good cologne is important, try to also take note of the scents in your grooming products. A groomed man doesn’t just settle for any hair products, they prefer products with masculine scents for a subtle hint of perfume.

Get Oily!

Women condition their hair, so why not condition yours? Avoid a rough and prickly beard by nourishing it with hydrating products. The secret to soft facial hair is shave and beard oils. We recommend a lightweight formula that softens your grizzly hair and skin. Oil up and you’ll be the smoothest chap around town in no time.

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