How To Master The 5 Day No Hair Washing Challenge

How To Master The 5 Day No Hair Washing Challenge

Clean hair, don’t care.

By Eliza Crisp | 22nd March 2017

As the sunrise gets later, we would give anything for a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. Streamline your beauty routine with the 5 day no hair washing challenge.

Day 1

Freshly washed hair is often super slippery, but try to avoid loading up on product today. Protect your locks from sweat by tying your hair back if exercising, to avoid greasy strands. Resist the temptation to run your hands through your squeaky-clean hair, as this will only ramp up oil production.

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Day 2

Most people find that their hair looks best the day AFTER they wash it. This is because your scalp has released just a tiny bit of oil, which helps to naturally hold any heat styling AND keep flyaways at bay. It’s basically hair nirvana. Spritz on some dry shampoo if your roots are feeling oily today, or dust on some talcum powder for the ultimate cheap hair hack.

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Day 3

Braids are the perfect quick tip to conceal unwashed strands. Start by giving your scalp a firm massage by brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush, to distribute the oil away from your roots, and towards the drier tips. This gives hair the perfect grip for those trickier braided styles that your hair is usually too soft to manage.

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Day 4

This is the point where it becomes a little more challenging! Today, your hair may feel a little greasy, but you can use this to your advantage. Let the oil act as a natural heat-protectant, and run over your strands with a ceramic straightener. Your hair is now primed to achieve a slick, wet-look bun for that ultimate ‘model off duty’ look.

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Day 5

This is it! By now, your hair probably feels a bit lank. It’s time to pull out the big guns- your hat collection. Either twist your hair into a low knot, or roughly curl the ends, before popping on your favourite hat or beanie. You made it! And you can be comforted by the fact that tomorrow will be the best shampoo session of your life.

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