21 Lazy Girl Beauty Tricks You Need To Know

21 Lazy Girl Beauty Tricks You Need To Know

It’s time to level up your beauty routine.

By Brigitte Ferguson | 8th August 2017

Some girls have their beauty routines down to a fine art. If you’re anything like me, sometimes a few beauty tricks can go a long way to make those early mornings getting ready for work a breeze.

We break down the 21 beauty tricks every lazy girl needs to know that are guaranteed to have you looking and feeling fab.

1. Give Your Lashes Some Love with a Lift and Tint
One of the easiest ways to look glam with minimal to no effort is to indulge in a lash lift and tint. This gives the illusion of curled and darkened eyelashes with minimal maintenance and allows you to wake up and look fresh and awake.

2. Sort Your Brows
We're all about embracing natural brows, but that doesn't mean you need to go full Frida Khalo! Don’t be afraid to visit a trained beautician who is experienced in shaping and maintaining brows. Be sure to communicate how you like your eyebrows to look before your appointment to avoid disappointment.

3. Hair No More? Try Laser Hair Removal
For those who just can’t be bothered shaving but don’t want to be compared to a gorilla laser is the way to go. 6-10 painless sessions will leave you in your hairless dreams and you won’t have to question if you can wear that sleeveless top in summer.

4. Look Tired? Try a Flesh Toned Eyeliner
Hungover from the night before? Running late and look exhausted? Investing in a flesh toned or white eyeliner can make you look more awake when applied to the water line. This opens your eyes and distracts from those dark under eyes.

5. Use a Moisturizer as Primer
Can’t be bothered to prime? Use a sorbelene cream as both a face moisturizer and primer. It dries just tacky enough to stick your foundation down as well as benefiting your skin.

If your main concern is a puffy face or dark under eyes try sleeping longer and with two pillows. Two pillows will ensure your face is raised and fluid doesn’t retain in your cheeks and under eyes. Also who can resist some beauty sleep?

7. Multitask Brushes with a Bobby Pin
If you are running low on clean brushes and need to apply multiple products try this simple bobby pin hack. Using a fluffy brush and a bobby pin hold the bristles together to create a thinner and longer brush, perfect for highlighting and contouring.

8. Fix your Frizzy Hair with a T-Shirt
This one is for you curly haired girls. Don’t want to deal with frizzy hair? Try using an old T shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. T-shirts absorb less moisture and allow your hair to dry frizz free.

9. Why Wash When You Can Dry Shampoo
Its mid week and you ran out of Shampoo and Conditioner, don’t fret, dry shampoo is here to save the day. Skip washing your hair and add some dry shampoo to add texture, volume and give the illusion you really have your life put together

Pro tip: Darker haired girls try locating a dry shampoo aimed for brunettes to avoid that grey cast.

10. Tan to the Gods
If you don’t have time to tan then reach for a gradual tanning moisturizer; this can give you that healthy glow without requiring too much maintenance. Apply a small amount to your face also so you look the same colour all over.

11. Curled Lashes Change Lives
If you struggle with droopy lashes at the end of the day try warming up your lash curler before use. Either sit on it or hold it in your bra for 5 minutes, so the heat can set your lashes to be nice and curly.

12. Invest in a Makeup Spatula
Out of foundation but can’t get to the shop? Invest in a makeup spatula and get the pump off that bottle. The spatula should reach the sides and bottom of the bottle and get you enough product until you can get to the shop.

13. Stain Away
Simple items like lip and cheek stains can cut your makeup routine in half and provide that healthy glow even when not wearing makeup. A quick dab of a stain can add some colour into a tired face and give the illusion of wearing makeup

14. Bronze Instead
Something like using a bronzer instead of other products can maximize time in the morning and still give a refreshed glow to the face. This also gives the illusion of a full face with minimal product

15. Tattoo your Eyebrows On
Microblading is a popular trend to significantly reduce the amount of time you need to put into your makeup. This is essentially a cosmetic tattoo that can leave you with perfect brows no matter the occasion.

16. Tint Your Brow Hairs
If an Eyebrow Tattoo is a bit out of budget try getting your brows tinted. This can provide similar effect but need touch ups more often. This is also slightly less likely to last if you have a busy lifestyle but is a cheaper alternative to a tattoo.

17. Overnight Fix for Spots
Pimples always come up at the worst of times, but instead of freaking out try some Mario Badescu Drying lotion, dip a Q tip in the pink sediment at the bottom and apply to spots to have them disappear almost overnight.

18. 3 in 1 Base Products
BB cream is the ultimate multitasking product; it doubles as a moisturizer, sunscreen and a foundation all in one. This can cut significant time from your beauty routine and leave you looking fresh.

19. Rock What You Got
Confidence is key if you want to pull off the lazy girl look. Go with minimal or no makeup and look confident, your skin will thank you for it and no one will question you.

20. The Best Things Come in Threes
Pick your three favourite products; this can be a concealer, eyebrow product and mascara or a blush, lip colour and foundation. Shrinking your routine to three key products saves you time but leaves you feeling put together and ready to face the day.

21. Repurpose old Mascara Wands
Can’t find your favourite spoolie brush to comb your brows and lashes? Find an old mascara and thoroughly clean the wand, use this to comb out your brows and lashes and you don’t have to spend a single cent.

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Article by Brigitte Ferguson

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