16 Skincare Secrets That Are Giving Us Life

16 Skincare Secrets That Are Giving Us Life

Hello, glow!

By Annabelle Beirne | 24th November 2016

When someone mentions skincare, most of us immediately think about the state of our face. But let’s not forget our hands and feet either! Caring for our bodies is essential – they are our temples, after all.

Looking after your skin takes time and effort but it’s worth it in the long run. I’ve recently discovered a few secret weapons that will give you that natural glow all day, every day. Because effortless beauty is every girl’s dream, am I right?

1. Food for your face

After trialling multiple facial masks, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are 100 per cent worth it when it comes to hydrating your face. Try applying a face mask a couple of times a week; you’ll find that your skin feels even brighter after every application.

2. It’s not just a little brush

Does your skin feel slightly greasier than usual? Or perhaps your foundation looks like it’s miraculously morphed into a different colour? It’s about time you started cleaning your makeup brushes. For a start, you should be scrubbing your brushes to avoid mixing colours. More importantly, dirty brushes will also make you break out. Rinse your brushes regularly. It’s as simple as that! 

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3. Crème de la crème

It’s important to keep a rich and nourishing body cream in your bathroom at all times. Rub it over your body whenever you feel the need for a deep moisturising experience, or at least once a week.

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4. The handiest tip in the book

We use our hands for everything so hand cream is essential. Find a cream that will hydrate your hands without leaving a greasy residue – don’t fret, they do exist! 

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5. The lips! The lips!

The hardest part about keeping your lips moisturised is remembering to put your lip balm in your purse. I’m sure you all have that tube of pawpaw ointment floating around somewhere at home. Try finding a lip treatment that contains SPF so you’re getting two-for-one protection.

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6. SPF From The Moment You Wake Up

Before you put on your makeup (you knew that was coming), use a daily face moisturiser that includes SPF. Sun is one of the major causes of aging. Your face needs ultimate protection!

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7. All About That Base

Before applying any sort of makeup, use a primer to protect your pores from blockage. A primer will also help your makeup last longer!

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8. I Guess You Scrub Up OK…

Cleanse your face daily – lather a facial scrub over your face to leave your skin feeling ultra-smooth.

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9. Oil up!

Applying beauty oil to your face before bed is a soothing way to revitalise your skin. You can also combine the oil with a facial moisturiser when your skin is feeling particularly dry.

10. Veggies and Fish are a Must

How many times have we heard the expression “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”? Well, I hate to break it to you but it pretty much works the same way when it comes to skincare. The less sugar, the better! Avoiding unnecessary dairy consumption can also help, and omega-3 in foods such as salmon and spinach preserve collagen in your skin, keeping it firmer.

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11. Exercise for the Soul

Sweating up a storm isn’t the only way exercise benefits your skin. Turning red while working out is perfectly normal; it means that your blood is reaching the skin’s surface and delivering nutrients to repair any sun or environmental damage. This increases collagen production, reducing the chance of wrinkles. Going to the sauna after the gym also allows you de-stress and rejuvenate.

12. Peppermint feet!

Don’t forget to look after the skin on your feet, especially when you’re about to have them on display all summer! Heels are prone to becoming dry and cracked so take the time to give them a rub with foot cream in the evening and slip on some socks before you hit the sheets.

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13. Sleep. Glorious Sleep.

Getting eight hours of sleep a night isn’t just about resting your mind – the time spent resting helps your body repair itself. A few extra Zs might just help clear up your complexion

14. Here comes the sun

Apply sunscreen all day, every day. It’s the easiest way to protect your skin from aging too quickly. It also acts as a moisturiser (and in case you haven’t already guessed it, I’m all about that). If you live in an especially sunny place (uh, Australia) you only need a few minutes of incidental sunlight every day to get your essential dose of vitamin D.

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15. Relax… Get to it!

They don’t call them essential oils for nothing. The soothing scent of lavender and rosemary allows your body to unwind at even the most stressful of times. Stress is not good for our skin so when you’ve decided it’s time to zone out for the day, indulge in a gentle rub-down.

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16. Water, and lots of it

Two litres a day – drink up! And a handful of superberries won’t go astray either; they’re filled with antioxidants that also help fight early signs of aging. Antipodes does the cutest bottles in the biz!

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Article by Annabelle Beirne

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