13 Makeup Hacks to Help You Save Face

13 Makeup Hacks to Help You Save Face

You CAN get that perfect look on a budget. We believe in you!

By Kiri Johnston | 4th May 2016

No one wants to spend a ridiculous amount of money on makeup products that they’ll never use. WELL, you can take your look to a whole new level with these simple makeup hacks. Want to save your pennies and let your creative side come out to play? Here’s how.

Foundation and Primer

1. We’ve all faced that traumatic moment when you perfect one eye’s winged liner, but can’t get the other one close to even. Or when you accidentally blink too quickly and smudge your mascara. Your quick fix is more than likely already sitting in your makeup bag. First, let the product dry and then use a cotton bud with a dash of primer to buff off the mistake.

Resist the temptation to scrub at it immediately – that’ll only make things worse. Once the product has dried, grab a cotton bud and a teeny tiny bit of primer and use your new magic wand to buff off the mistake.

2. If you’re heading out for breakfast or a spot of shopping and you don’t have a tinted moisturiser at hand, don’t cake on the full coverage foundation. Instead, mix the foundation with your facial serum or primer to thin it out. This will give you a much more sheer, minimal look.

3. Want a defined yet natural look during the day? Use a shimmer or matte bronzer in gold, bronze, brown or taupe tones to swipe through your eye crease. If you’re doing a smoky night-time look, you can also use your bronzer as a transition colour to help blend your eyeshadow better.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

4. If your favourite mascara has turned clumpy, you can use a thin brush to paint gel eyeliner onto the lashes, which will coat them without any of the unsightly clumping.

5. Eyeshadow game not strong enough? Mix your primer with some loose eyeshadow on the back of your hand and then pat the colour on. This will help the product look a lot more pigmented.

6. If you have a collection of eyeshadows that you barely use, you can turn then into – wait for it – EYELINER. Just mix your eyeshadow with some eye drops to create a fancy new colour and enjoy one of the hottest beauty trends of the season.

7. A matte eyeshadow two shades darker than your skin colour can be used to make some contouring magic happen, while matte eyeshadows can help to fill in and shape your brows. Use an angled brush to outline the brows and fill in the gaps with your eyeshadow. Use a spooly or an old (clean!) mascara wand to brush through.

8. Want a new lipstick? Gently scrape the top of a powder eyeshadow with a spoon and mix with Vaseline to create a creamy new lipstick colour.


9. If you don’t want to fork out for a colour-correcting kit (fair call), you can use an orange-based lipstick to counteract purple/blue colours under your eyes. Dab a small amount of product over the dark circles with your finger so that the product melts into the skin, then use your concealer over the top to camouflage the lipstick.

10. To achieve that natural flushed look, a rosy pink or peach shade of lipstick can be used as a blush. Just tap a small amount on the apples of your cheeks.

11. Make lips appear fuller with a white eyeliner or lighter lipstick shade in the centre of the lips. Pop on your regular shade of lipstick, then softly pat the lighter colour on the middle to accentuate your pout.

12. For that perfect matte look, use some translucent powder! First, apply your regular lipstick and blot off the excess with a tissue. Then, using a brush, sponge or finger, pat over your lipstick with translucent powder to take away the shine.

13. If you have to reapply your lipstick several times throughout the day, this one’s for you. Apply foundation or concealer to your lips as a base, then fill your entire pout in with lip liner to help your lipstick stay in place and last longer.


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Article by Kiri Johnston

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