11 Beauty Blender Hacks You Need To Know

11 Beauty Blender Hacks You Need To Know

It's SO much more than just a foundation sponge. And you should have more than one.

By Elizabeth Best | 29th March 2016

“Why does everyone keep going on about this Beautyblender?” I hear you ask. “Pfft. It's just a makeup sponge. I can buy one of those at the chemist for $2.” WRONG.

The Beautyblender is not your nana's makeup sponge. It's a special magical creation designed for perfect beauty product application and worth every single cent of its $27 price tag. There's a reason makeup artists have more than one in their kits.

Here's everything you need to know about the edgeless wonder sponge taking the beauty world by storm.

1. You have to use it wet

SO many rookies make this mistake when they first pick up the Beautyblender. Say it with me: “I must soak my sponge before use.” The whole point of the sponge is that the dampness gives you a dewy, streak-free finish. Not only that, but using the Beautyblender wet ensures it doesn't soak up too much of your product, meaning you don't chew through it as fast. That's saving you money right there! Run the sponge under water until it grows bigger, then squeeze out all the excess moisture before using.

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The difference wet v dry is BIG. Literally.

2. BUT you can use it dry as an eraser

You're meant to use it wet to put product on, but it's amazingly good at taking product off when it's dry. That's because dry sponges suck (in the good way). Make a mistake? Grab a dry sponge and drag it across the error, and watch the makeup disappear. It also gets makeup and deodorant stains off clothes when dry. It's MAGIC.

3. You shouldn't put product directly on the sponge

Instead, make sure you squeeze out your beauty products onto the back of your hand or a palette. Then, dip the sponge into the product and apply.

4. Wait! You can't just wipe product on

Stop right now! Using the same techniques you'd use with a regular sponge or makeup brush will not work here. Wiping with a Beautyblender will just drag your product around your face. You want dewy, fresh skin and even coverage? Then it's ALL about the bounce. Dip the sponge into product and bounce it into your skin, pressing down with a tiny twist at the end. (Story continues below)

5. It's not just for foundation

When I told my boyfriend I was buying three Beautyblenders, he thought I was nuts. But with three, I can put on ALL my makeup using just sponges. I use one for sunscreen, primers and serums, one for foundation and concealer and one for coloured products such as blush and (yes) lipstick. The sponge is the PERFECT texture to ensure even coverage of primers, serums and moisturisers. It's gentle on your skin, and because you've soaked the sponge, it wont absorb your products, meaning you waste much less of your super expensive serums.

The foundation application is the cornerstone selling point of the blender so we know that works. Then there's blush and lipstick. Grab your favourite cream blush and use the blender to bounce it on the apples of your cheeks for a rosy glow. Then dab the pointy end of the blender with your fave lippy and stipple it from the middle of your lips out. This gives it a pretty, natural stained look instead of a solid block of colour.

6. It's not just for creams and liquids either

You can use the sponge to put on powders as well! Highlighting and contouring is a breeze with the pointy end of this multi-tasking marvel. Using powder with a damp sponge means some SERIOUS control when it comes to application. You can contour like a queen because there won't be a single speck of powder where you don't want it. (Story continues below)

7. It's the perfect shape to do everything you need

There's a reason this baby comes in an edgeless egg shape. Lines on a sponge mean lines on the face, so you want your applicator as smooth as possible. The wide part of the egg should be used for even coverage over wider areas, and the pointy end should be used to get into smaller spaces around the eyes, the nose, the lips. You can also use the tip to spot correct with concealer.

8. You should clean it after every use

Sponges can get NASTY when they're not cleaned regularly and this is no exception. Want that pretty puff to stay germ- and stain-free? You gotta clean it after each use. The Beautyblender comes with its own cleanser in both solid and liquid form. For the Solid Blendercleanser, gently rub the stained end of the blender on the soap, then gently squeeze and massage. For the liquid, just pump some soap directly on the sponge and repeat. Don't pull or scrub too hard, as the Beautyblender can rip or tear. Keep repeating and running under water until it's clean and stain-free. Then leave it to dry on the container it came in.

Things You Need To Know About BeautyBlender Makeup Beauty Products Tips Hacks

Drying stand and packaging in one. Bonus! Image: Pinterest.

9. You can use it to colour your hair

Hairdressers are jumping on the Beautyblender trend to do next-level root touch-ups! It evenly masks the regrowth in-between colours, while a traditional brush can leave streaks. Make sure you use shadow pigments here as some dyes can damage the sponge.

10. And to create killer nail art!

Beautyblender past its three-month use-by date? Don't even think about throwing it out. Apply three different colours of polish to the sponge and gently press into your nails. Clean up around the edge with some polish remover and BAM! Perfect ombre nails.

Ombre sponge nail art beautyblender things you need to know

11. But don't store it in a ziplock bag or airtight container

Wet sponge and no air = stinky, smelly, mouldy blender. Make sure you dry the Beautyblender out before you store it. The container you bought it in is the perfect drying stand, as it allows all surfaces to dry evenly. But where to store it? In the plastic container as well! It's not airtight so will allow a bit of breathing room.

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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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