7 Creative workshops to try in Brisbane

Stop the bore and snore of the day-to-day grind and inject some creativity into your world, by joining one of Brisbane’s creative workshops or classes.

By Guest Styler | 8th April 2015

If the closest you get to being creative is finding the best filter-combo for your Instagram post, then maybe it’s time to reinvigorate the right side of your brain and give one of these Brisbane creative workshops a go:

1. Paint it

painting smocks covered in paint and a group of young women painting canvases while drinking wine

Cork and Chroma, South Brisbane

Wine, in moderation, has been linked to improving our ability to think and act creatively. So to my great pleasure, one Brisbane company has linked the two! Cork and Chroma in South Brisbane have created Brisbane’s only paint and sip studio, where you bring your own wine and the studio deals with the rest. You can choose which painting you’d like to tackle, based upon their booking calendar and the Cork and Chroma staff will walk you though the basic techniques and brush strokes, until you walk away with the final product on canvas.

Cost: $50pp

2. Make it

Brisbane Jewellery Workshop

Brisbane Jewellery Workshop

It’s always nice when someone compliments what you’re wearing, as different, unique or one-off. Now think when people next ask, “Oh where did you get that?” you can respond, “I made it!” At DAP Jewellery School, they are committed to educating hobby jewellers to create something truly personal. They have some beginner courses that will teach you how to make rings, earrings or pendants out of pressed metal within a three-hour course.

Cost: from $150pp

3. Cook it

The Golden Pig, Newstead

The Golden Pig, Newstead

If the only thing cooking in your kitchen is the take-away leftovers in the microwave… it’s time to put on a funky apron and learn to cook up a storm that everyone will love so much, you’ll struggle to have any leftovers! The Golden Pig food and wine school in Newstead offers intimate hands-on cooking classes under direct instruction from a professional chef. There are currently various cuisine classes on offer to register for, and word is they’re even in the process of creating a dessert workshop – I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely my speed!

Cost: Average cooking class $165pp

4. Write it

Brisbane Writing Courses

Brisbane Writing Courses

If the pen truly is mightier than the sword, then en garde! Put the pen to paper, or perhaps fingertips to that keyboard and start writing that epic tale, biography, expose or novel, whether it’s a rom-com, horror or sci-fi, you’ve been wanting to write, but haven’t had the time or creativity to start. The Queensland Writers Centre have a variety of one-day workshops that will help writers in all facets of writing, from thinking more creatively, juggling projects, learning the mechanics of varying genres and tips on how to best write from experience.

Cost: Courses are of varying costs.

5. Plant it

Brisbane terrarium workshop

Brisbane terrarium workshop

Terrariums are taking over from the boring indoor plants, as they can be as creative as you want them to be. The best part of a terrarium is they require minimal effort and attention after you’re done styling them. Enrol in a terrarium workshop with That Flower Shop in Alderley and you will create your own tiny world of fern, rocks, moss and plants within a glass orb or jar. However, you’ll leave with more than just your very own terrarium, you’ll leave with the skills to make more in the future. Simples.

Cost: $60pp

6. Apply it

Brisbane Makeup Workshops - Napoleon Perdis

Brisbane Makeup Workshops – Napoleon Perdis

If the only brushes and pencils you use are the cosmetic variety, maybe you can hone your creative craft by enlisting in a paparazzi-ready make-up artistry course by Napoleon Perdis. The course will teach you to master two looks that will unleash your inner A-lister, improving your day and evening looks through applying the perfect base, contouring, signature lips and tackling those tricky eyes!

Cost: $249pp


7. Shoot it

Brisbane Photography Workshops

Brisbane Photography Workshops

Photography is much more than just ‘point and shoot’ – it’s an art! Whether you’ve got a fancy pants DSLR or your average smart phone, Brisbane company Photoh have courses to turn you from complete beginner to seasoned shutterbug. They even offer Smartphone photography courses, so that you can improve your shots and potentially rake in some extra likes on Insty!

Cost: from $60pp

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