Are you sick to death of doing the same thing every weekend? Lazing around, sleeping in, bingeing on bad food and then scolding yourself come Sunday night – it’s not exactly ideal. And let’s be real: there are only so many bars and 24/7 McDonald’s. Even Netflix has its limit.

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Think about all the other things you could be doing during those precious work-free hours. Art, music, culture – there’s a whole lot more to discover outside the confines of your usual scene. If you’re excited by the idea of exploring your more sophisticated side, here’s how to ditch the sloppy stereotypes and spend your next day off in style.


Time to thank God it’s Friday and make the most of your first night off. Instead of wasting it the usual way, why not plan something extra special? Say goodbye to crowds, uncomfortable chairs and overpriced portions at your usual after-work watering hole. Instead, pack a Parisian-inspired picnic and enjoy it under the stars. All you need is a baguette, a blanket, some bubbly and a big tree, which you can find at our very own New Farm Park. A little Édith Piaf on the playlist wouldn’t hurt either! Grab a date or your best girlfriend and settle in for your best night out in years.

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Wake up and smell the art! Head on down to GOMA and feast your eyes on their latest exhibit – there’s always something incredible to experience. You might just surprise yourself when you unleash your inner art critic! Stroll through the gallery alone or invite a friend or family member to tag along. From an adult-sized slide to a furry wall and a room bursting with balloons, you’re sure to be enthralled for hours. And the best part? Well, it’s free. But the other best part is that you’ll be far too tired to hit up the same old clubs after such a jam-packed day.


Did someone say brunch? The Brisbane Jazz Club serves up a tasty selection of Sunday-morning essentials with smooth sounds and a view to boot. Gaze out at the river and chow down on everything from scrambled eggs to freshly-baked pastries. Open yourself up to a new style of music; you’ll be shocked at how awesome it can be. Be sure to applaud loudly and click along in true jazz style – but only on two and four, please. (Seriously, they will evict you.)

So there you have it! A weekend of culture is even easier than it sounds. Start Monday hangover-free and with a weekend full of impressive stories to share. You’ll save money, brain cells and unlock a whole other part of your personality. Eat your heart out, Parisians; Brisbanites are on the rise.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

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