The only thing we enjoy more than long, lazy summer days is long, lazy summer hair that looks flawless, which means blondes are back!

In the warmer months, the elements can have a harsh impact on your hair, and can be especially compromising for those looking to lighten their locks. Updating your look doesn’t necessarily mean making a Kylie Jenner black-to-blonde transformation overnight. Instead, many are achieving flawless locks that are lighter, brighter and livelier while maintaining the condition of their hair.

Whether you’re looking to go from warm honey to baby blonde, lift your colour to that extra creamy platinum level or even dare to attempt rose gold tint, it’s time to say bye-bye, balayage and hello to this season’s best summer looks for blondes.


The warmest of the blondes makes for the perfect transition colour in summer. Although we’re still seeing a lot of balayage, this season it’s all about a softer, more natural sun-kissed look. Honey blonde-coloured hair is achieved by incorporating balayage and baby lights together as well as hair painting, which gives a gorgeous sweeping effect throughout the hair.

If you have quite dark hair to begin with, keep in mind that when trying to achieve your dream shade it will take persistence, especially if you wish to maintain its condition. Honey blonde is the best stepping-stone before going lighter with your overall colour.


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Also commonly referred to as creamy blonde, this is the next step towards achieving a super-blonde mane. The use of foils allows the hair to have a little more depth and movement than a scalp bleach, which gives you a block overall colour. To achieve this look without too much breakage or damage, you need to ensure your hair is in the right condition and that your hair stylist is using products that won’t compromise the health of your hair.

To maintain a fresh blonde colour, your hair will require a little extra tender loving care in the form of a personalised haircare program, visits to your hairdresser every four to six weeks and colour lock shampoos and conditioners. Be prepared: you may need to have a decent trim after this blonde transformation as the key to your hair looking fabulous is its health (and nobody likes split ends!).


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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the blondest of them all? Platinum blonde (also known as ashy blonde) is that beautiful bright blonde that most of us can only dream of. This colour is like the unicorn of blondes and often can only be achieved by those who have been blonde for years with tresses in prime condition.

These days there are many blonde haircare products that claim to be able to transform your hair from dark to matte blonde in one go, but at what cost? These innovative products do achieve results, but in the long run your hair will suffer from a quick fix blonde transformation. Trusting your hair stylist and being realistic about investing in your hair colour and its quality is the best way to achieve Pinterest-worthy hair.

To maintain this coveted ashy blonde, it is essential to use salon quality hair care, otherwise you run the risk of your colour going brassy (or even green!). The Perfect Blonde range by PRAVANA is a must-have for any platinum blonde gal as its mask and leave in toning spray is the best way to avoid that unwanted brassy blonde.

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For a fun and flirty take on your creamy blonde hair, elevate your look with a rose gold tint. This summer hair trend ranges from dusty pink shades right through to faded copper hues.
To nail this look, it’s important to ensure your hair is in great condition and you haven’t left your regrowth too long. Celebrities and models have been jumping on this trend lately, proving that this edgy look can be rocked anywhere from the streets to the red carpet!


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