Maybe you’re not a bunny and maybe you’re not made of chocolate, but if you’re a person who wears makeup and you live in Brisbane, the following image will speak to you:

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Don’t be the bunny. Image:

Whether you’re sweating through the humidity or swimming it off, Brisbane summers will happily melt off the foundation you spent good money on, smear eyeliner you corrected to the point of crying and make your face shine like a lighthouse beacon in the dead of night.

But here at Style, we don’t let the haters (i.e. the sun) get us down. Whether it’s sweat, swimming, or just swampy suffering, we’ve found the best tips to summer-proof your makeup and keep you looking #flawless.

1. Clean the canvas

Thanks to evil humidity, oil sits on the surface of your skin longer, making your face feel greasy when you perspire, blocking your pores and making you break out. It’s extra annoying when the makeup you use to conceal these blemishes is too heavy and blocks your pores even more.

The first step is to get into a good cleansing ritual, cleansing your face once to remove make-up, and again to remove any excess dirt and bacteria present on your face.

Then, apply a light moisturiser with low oil content. Even if you have dry skin, you should be able to get away with this low oil in summer.

2. DIY day spa

Applying a clay mask to your face is an effective way to draw the oil out of your face while treating yourself to a bit of R and R.

Aztec Original Indian Healing Clay is effective, cheap and easy to use, but no skin product is “one size fits all”. Apply the mask for 10 minutes max if you have sensitive skin, and only apply once a week.

After all, those oils aren’t unhealthy; they’re just a bit too clingy in summer!

3. Keep the artwork secure

Turns out summer-proof makeup is all about prevention, not protection, meaning a quality primer is your best friend. Just a pea-sized squirt applied to your face can provide a protective base to which your foundation can easily cling (sayonara touch-ups!), control oil, even the surface and tone of your skin, as well as hydrate!

But if you’re not keen to load layers of product in the heat, why not spritz on a fixing mist before and after you apply? Products such as MAC Prep + Prime Fix are a refreshing way to even the surface of your skin and seal in all your hard work.

Don’t forget to stock up on blotting papers, the must-have for removing oily build-up while maintaining your face.

4. Summer-proof = waterproof

Okay, maybe waterproof mascara is a given when it comes to sweaty dance floor times and summertime swims, but you shouldn’t have to miss out on the power of a different mascara brush. Why not use any mascara you like and apply a waterproof topcoat? Hello, waterproof winged outer lashes!

But it’s not just your lashes that get all the splash-proof fun, with a huge range of waterproof makeup out there from bronzer, concealer, eyeliner and lipstick to fancy inventions like eyeshadow sealant from Trish McEvoy and a gel-based blush from Sephora.

5. Less is more

The less foundation you apply, the less you can sweat off, right? Go for a lighter, more natural coverage by applying small squirts of foundation with a damn sponge, or… don’t use foundation! Tinted moisturisers, and BB and CC Creams (Beauty Balm and Colour Correction, if anyone was wondering) all work wonderfully to even out skin tone and give your face a gorgeous glow.

Another option? A densely pigmented concealer lightly dabbed in the middle of the forehead, around the nostrils, on the chin, lightly under the eyes and at the edges of the mouth will subtly contour your face with long-lasting colour and coverage.

6. Date with density

Sometimes it’s the density or the texture of your make-up that can give you grief. Powders in eyeshadow and blush often have trouble bonding to your skin when there’s oil, perspiration and water to deal with, either smearing or dispersing around your face and resembling weird bruising no one dares to enquire about. Avoid this awkwardness and look fierce for hours by using cream-based eyeshadows, and apply your favourite powder-based colours over the top!

The same can be done with blush, with a huge array of cream or gel-based blushes out there to help with your summer-proofing needs. But if you’re looking for a long-lasting and easy-to-find option, why not apply a blush-coloured lipstick to your cheeks and rub in?

When applying product to the lips themselves, lipgloss is not a winner in summer, becoming extra sticky and runny in the heat. Try a tinted balm for healthy, long-lasting colour, or simply tap on deeply pigmented lipstick and blot until you look satisfyingly fabulous.

7. Wax on, wax off

If you simply must have that heavy coverage, high-glam look, no matter how much lipstick suffers in the sultry weather, then invest in a reverse lip liner such as Mecca’s Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner. Apply around the contours of your lips so that the waxy texture provides a blockade against feathering or bleeding.

Wax pencils can also maintain shape and colour in your eyebrows, especially if you use powder-based eyebrow makeup!

Because there’s no reason you can’t enjoy summer and look good doing it!

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