If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own lipstick colour, you will be pleased to know that you can at The Lip Lab! This bespoke service straight out of Sydney has just landed in Wintergarden, allowing you to blend custom lip products that cater to your style and taste. If that hasn’t excited you beyond belief, check out our seven reasons why you need to give it a go!

Pop-up Lip Lab at Wintergarden, Brisbane

Image: Pdpr Marketing and Creative, Pop-up Lip Lab at Wintergarden, Brisbane

You Can Add Your Own Flavours

Pink Champagne, Chocolate, Mimosa, Creme Brûlée, Hazelnut, Cherry – and the list goes on! Adding flavours to your lipstick is the best thing since Nutella! The Lip Lab has a range of flavours for you to choose from. You can even mix some to create your own scent! One warning when adding flavours: as tempting as it is, try to refrain from licking it all off and eating it! #nopromises

They Have Super Cool Additives

For just three bucks more, you can add things like SPF, an anti-aging ingredient or even a lip plumper! No wonder you get a 30-minute consultation, there are so many options for you to choose from! It’s all down to the detail and you are part of every single process. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Your professional colour consultant can help you!

Choosing Your Finish Has Never Been Easier

Matte? Cream finish? VEGAN?? What is this sorcery! I’m so used to walking up to a cosmetics counter and being shoved a finish that I don’t even like. At The Lip Lab, you can make up your own mind and actually create a lipstick catered to YOUR needs and what YOU like – heaven!

Get The EXACT Colour You Want

You can bring in a photo, a lipstick you want to replicate, even a colour from a t-shirt! Whatever it is, The Lip Lab can produce the colour of your lip product dreams. If you’re struggling to find the perfect nude or you’re obsessed with the idea of having blue lipstick, it can be done gf!

You Get To Watch Them Make It In Front Of You

This part is just mesmerising. After you’ve had your consultation, you actually sit there and WATCH them turn your lipstick idea into reality! This is way too satisfying and you really need to just go and experience the amazingness while you can! When it comes out in its perfect untouched form, it’s hard to hold back the happy tears.

You Can Name It… After YOURSELF

Say WHAT?! You can name your lipstick whatever the heck you want! If you want to call it “Rose Bubblegum Fairy Hair Flick” then you totes can. But pls don’t steal my idea, it’s genius, I know! Or if you just wanted to call it after yourself so you feel like a celeb, that’s totally fine too.

Pop-up Lip Lab at Wintergarden, Brisbane

Image: Pdpr Marketing and Creative, Pop-up Lip Lab at Wintergarden, Brisbane

Re-Ordering Has Never Been So Easy!

The reason they get you to name your lippy is so you can reorder it if you want extras! If you’ve used up your lippy, simply reorder it again. All the details will be stored in their database so it will be the exact same formula every.damn.time. Plus, if a friend loves the colour you have, they can order yours too!

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